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Stevie Nicks

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    Stream the New Stevie Nicks Album, In Your DreamsIt’s out May 3.
  2. white winged dove
    Stevie Nicks Is Not Too Old to Make a New Rock AlbumWith the guy from the Eurythmics, no less!
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    Natalie Portman Got Those Letters You SentPlus: Bradley Cooper on finally getting to kill people.
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    From Lee King to the King of the Jews: The Best Quotes of 2007“My mind thinks like that all the time, coming up with crazy clever metaphors and rhymery thingies.”
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    Vulture Now Officially Excited for James Blunt’s Spanish-Language AlbumGeorge Clooney, Stevie Nicks, and more!
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    Paris Hilton’s Arrest: A Sihn of the Times