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  1. stoners
    Prithee, Did Thou Knowest That Shakespeare Smoked Weed?My kingdom for some dank-ass ganja.
  2. The Making of the Modern StonerHow pop culture got from Cheech and Chong to Broad City.
  3. Justin Willman and Doug Benson Blew Some Minds Doing Magic Tricks at a Pot […] Here’s a clip from tonight’s Justin Willman Comedy Central special, Sleight of Mind, in which the comedian/magician truly blows some very […]
  4. ‘High Maintenance,’ ‘Getting Doug with High,’ and More to Air on […]Pluto.tv, a new and free online television platform, is celebrating 4/20 by airing 24 hours filled with a bunch of stoner-friendly comedy and […]
  5. Cheech & Chong Are Making a Movie with ‘Super Troopers’ Director Jay […]Here’s an early 4/20 present for stoners everywhere: LA Times reports that Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong are working with Jay Chandrasekhar – […]
  6. Adrian Brody Is the World’s Most Menacing Pot Dealer in the High School […] Most pot dealers tend to be relatively mellow dudes, or so I’ve heard. Not so in the new trailer for upcoming high school stoner comedy High […]
  7. Take the High Road with Doug Benson’s New Movie Here’s the trailer for the latest movie from Doug Benson, comedian and Known Pot Smoker. It follows him on tour as he tells joke and smokes […]
  8. Oh, So Here’s That Bill & Ted 3 Script You Wanted, ManRight, so, Keanu Reeves told us all about the time travel plot points of the third Bill & Ted movie back in April, right? And that there’d be a […]
  9. Harrison Ford Sure Seemed Crazy High on Letterman Last Night Much like Harrison Ford, I too want to ride horses around Manhattan with David Letterman when I’m insanely high. You really have to watch the […]
  10. Oh, Right, It’s 4/20Forgive me for being a little blasé about this whole made-up stoner holiday, but I think we sort of shot our wad when it comes to […]
  11. stoners
    Bill Maher: ‘If It Was a Real Joint … I Would Have Smoked It’He tells Wolf Blitzer that Zach Galifanakis was toking “cloves or something.”
  12. trailer mix
    ‘Harold and Kumar 2’ Trailer: The Franchise Gets Heavy, ManHarold and Kumar are mistaken for terrorists.