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Street Fighter: Red Tape

  1. Pete Holmes Gives M. Bison Some Realistic Finance Advice in ‘Street […]The Pete Holmes Show may be nearing the end of its run on television, but that hasn’t stopped Holmes from continuing his delightfully silly […]
  2. Joel McHale Plays a Clueless Guile in ‘Street Fighter Red Tape’Here’s the newest installment of Pete Holmes’s web series Street Fighter Red Tape, in which Joel McHale plays the valiant American hero Guile, […]
  3. Kumail Nanjiani Plays the Unmarketable Dhalsim in ‘Street Fighter Red Tape’In the newest installment of Pete Holmes’s Street Fighter-themed web series, Kumail Nanjiani plays the slow and stretchy Indian yogi Dhalsim, […]
  4. Pete Holmes Calls Vega’s Claw an Insurance Liability in ‘Street Fighter […] In the second episode of his new Street Fighter-themed web series, Pete Holmes interviews Vega, the fancypants pretty boy from Spain who […]
  5. Pete Holmes Renames Ryu’s Spinning Kick in ‘Street Fighter Red Tape’ Ryu has always seemed to make himself overly complicated in Street Fighter, and Pete Holmes has addressed that in what I hope is the first of […]