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Stretch Armstrong

  1. nostalgia
    Netflix Doing Stretch Armstrong Show, ApparentlyIt’s a bit of a stretch.
  2. stretch armstrong
    Stretch Armstrong Finally Has a DirectorBreck Eisner, who did The Crazies.
  3. the industry
    What Hollywood Can Learn From the End of Universal’s Ill-Fated Hasbro DealThe pact was meant to signal the end of the movie star. Nothing got made, and now Candy Land is at Sony with Adam Sandler.
  4. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Shiloh Fernandez, Adam LambertPlus: Adam Lambert to embark on Glam Nation Tour.
  5. the industry
    Lautner Drops Max Steel for Stretch ArmstrongIn the battle of the toy movies, Hasbro won with its faster track record.
  6. toys to movies
    Taylor Lautner Is Stretch ArmstrongYes, someone is turning Stretch Armstrong into a movie.
  7. the industry
    Jonah Hill and Jason Schwartzman to Possibly Cut the Head Off an AnacondaPlus: ‘Stretch Armstrong: the Movie.’