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    Walking Dead Stuntman’s Mother Sues AMC for Wrongful DeathSusan Bernecker says AMC failed to take reasonable safety precautions.
  2. stunts
    Tom Cruise’s American Made Co-star Defends the Set’s Safety After Plane CrashSarah Wright Olsen says she’s heartbroken over the September 2015 crash that killed two pilots and injured a third.
  3. stunts
    Families of Pilots Who Died in American Made Crash Partially Blame Tom CruiseOne of the pilots killed in a plane crash had called American Made the most dangerous project he had ever encountered.
  4. diversity
    Deadpool 2 Crew Believe Lack of Diversity Contributed to Stuntwoman’s Death“The producers put pressure to have somebody of the same sex and ethnicity in a position she wasn’t qualified to be in.”
  5. stunt performers
    Production on Mission Impossible 6 Expected to Halt After Tom Cruise’s InjuryDIY-er Cruise may want to consider using a stuntman in the future.
  6. rip
    Walking Dead Stunt Performer Dies After On-Set InjuryThe showrunner and the network are now speaking out.
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    The Walking Dead Suspends Production After Serious Stuntman InjuryStunt performer John Bernecker suffered a head injury after falling 20 feet onto a concrete floor.
  8. protests
    Stunt Actors Protest the Oscars for Recognition“The Film Academy has blatantly discriminated against stunt people.”