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  1. suggestions
    19 More Titles for More Avatar SequelsAvatar: Return of What’s-His-Name and Who’s-Her-Face.
  2. bella thorne's 19 cats
    Can Bella Thorne Actually Name Each of Her 19 Cats?It’s just so many.
  3. suggestions
    Found-Footage Movies Are Getting Tired — Here Are 5 Ways to Keep the Genre FreshHow about casting some well-known actors?
  4. Please Don’t Be Miley Cyrus for HalloweenA respectful request.
  5. suggestions
    5 Ideas for a Modern Hercule Poirot MysteryDeath on the Hyperloop, etc.
  6. suggestions
    Davidson: New Classical Music Suggestions for Hollywood VillainsIt’s time to retire Beethoven’s Fifth as the psycho soundtrack.
  7. suggestions
    Forget Whodunnit?: Give Us More Agatha ChristieIt is her time.
  8. suggestions
    Mean-Girl Music: 5 Songs to Replace Sleigh BellsWe need a new bad-girl music cue.
  9. suggestions
    John Darnielle Has Some Important Thoughts on the Bieber-Paparazzi Scuffle “Don’t be an asshole.”
  10. suggestions
    Vulture’s 2013 Career Resolutions for Kyle ChandlerNo more desk jobs (in movies).
  11. suggestions
    Aaron Sorkin Should Take His Rom-Com Talents Back to MoviesHe could save them.
  12. suggestions
    Vulture’s Dos and Don’ts for Adults Going Back to High School UndercoverDO throw parties. DON’T date students.
  13. break-ups
    Vulture Imagines Katy Perry’s First Breakup SongLet the healing begin.
  14. suggestions
    Vulture’s Five-Step Plan to Break Sofia Vergara Out of the Charo MoldNo more accent jokes!
  15. suggestions
    The Flash Mob, and Other Pop-Culture References That Need an Early RetirementA polite request.
  16. suggestions
    Can Doctor Strange Be the Next Iron Man?Yes.