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Summer Camp

  1. childhood memories
    What Summer Camp Was Like for Lena Dunham & MoreEmbarrassment, hurt feelings, and moments of profundity abound. 
  2. chat room
    Lena Dunham Stole Someone’s Underwear and Ran It Up a FlagpoleShe also almost drifted off into the Atlantic Ocean this weekend, only to be saved by a sexy surfing legend.
  3. vulture lists
    15 Classic Summer-Camp Movies, Ranked From Worst to BestSuch an underappreciated genre.
  4. summer camp
    30 Seconds to Mars Is Starting a Summer CampThey promise a “rustic nature experience.”
  5. Michelle Markowitz No Longer Likes You as a ManOur story this week: Sideburns, zoot suits, and Fred Savage, these are the three omens that signaled Michelle Markowitz’s late blooming into a […]