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Summer Hits

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    How Jack Antonoff Found That Magical Moment of Musical Clarity“One day you wake up and you’re like, Oh my God, we’re in this.”
  2. summer hits
    The Misunderstood Cultural History of City Girls’ ‘Twerkulator’One that even the Oxford English Dictionary got wrong, as Dr. Kyra Gaunt explains on this episode of Switched on Pop.
  3. summer hits
    What Makes Lorde’s ‘Solar Power’ So Divisive?On this episode of Switched on Pop, writer Hanif Abdurraqib breaks down Lorde’s greatest skill.
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    Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘good 4 u’ Continues a Distinct Emo TraditionA history of young women raging on the mic, from the blues to country to Rodrigo’s chart-topping confessional.
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    Writing the Summer’s Biggest Song Via WhatsAppHow the creators of BTS’s “Butter” turned out a banger from across the locked-down world.