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Summer Selections 2016

  1. The 100 Greatest Beach Books EverWhether mass-market candy, high literature, a beach read needs narrative momentum, a transporting sense of place, and, ideally, a touch of the sordid.
  2. summer selections 2016
    19 Engrossing Nonfiction Books to Read at the Beach This SummerHandpicked by Colin Dickey, Sarah Knight, and Shea Serrano.
  3. summer selections 2016
    21 Songs, Albums, and Artists to Listen to at the Beach, as Chosen by MusiciansHand-picked by A-Trak, Greta Kline, and YG.
  4. summer selections 2016
    20 Fun Fiction Books to Read at the Beach, As Chosen by AuthorsHandpicked by Alexander Chee, Jenny Han, and J. Courtney Sullivan.
  5. summer selections 2016
    19 Funny and Fascinating Podcasts to Stream at the Beach, As Chosen by CreatorsHandpicked by Anna Faris, Terry Gross, Paul Scheer, and Aisha Tyler.
  6. summer selections 2016
    20 Great Comics to Read at the Beach, As Chosen by CreatorsHand-picked by Kieron Gillen, Kate Leth, and Marjorie Liu.