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  1. vulture lists
    The 11 Big Winners of Summer TVSharp Objects, Pose, Succession, Claws, and more.
  2. summer tv preview
    Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Is the Superhero Show of the SummerIt’s an unparalleled blend of the naturalistic and the surreal.
  3. 9 Shows to Stream Right Now Before Summer TV Comes BackYour summer-TV prep begins now.
  4. Summer TV Preview: Younger, Pose, and More Shows We Can’t Wait to WatchFrom the silly to the spooky.
  5. The Summer of 2017 Came and Went Without a Breakout TV HitIt was a season without a Stranger Things.
  6. summer preview 2017
    Physical Fitness Is All Over TV This SummerWe love watching other people put their bodies to the test while we sit there, allowing ours to atrophy.
  7. Is the Summer Pop-Cultural Experience Still Defined by Movies?Summer is still the season of the big-screen blockbuster. But TV and year-round tentpole releases are changing things a little.
  8. trends
    Why Most of This Summer’s TV Felt Like a FlashbackMany of the programs that captured public attention or critical acclaim revisited bygone decades or functioned as outright throwbacks.
  9. summer tv
    The Winners and Losers of Summer TVSophomore slumps are real.
  10. trends
    Why Family-Friendly Summer-Vacation TV Is EverywhereThe major networks have placed a heavier emphasis this season on programs that pass the beach-house test.
  11. pick up lines
    NBC Orders Hourlong Summer Camp Drama“In the tradition of Meatballs and Dazed and Confused” comes Camp.
  12. simple substitutions
    Three Shows to Stream to Beat the Summer-TV BlahsCan’t wait for Homeland? Try the Israeli original.
  13. tube junkie
    Good News: Summer Is Almost Here! Bad News: Summer TV Is Almost Here, Too!What do the networks have in store for us this summer?