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Sumner Redstone

  1. obits
    Sumner Redstone, Billionaire Media Tycoon, Dead at 97His portfolio included Viacom and CBS.
  2. the industry
    Leslie Moonves Replaces Longtime Boss Sumner Redstone As CBS ChairmanThe most powerful man in television just got a little more powerful. 
  3. the other side of sumner
    Sumner Redstone Delighted to Be Accused of Bribery“Sumner wants to be consequential. Sumner is really proud of what he did. This guy is loving it … He likes people to know he’s still alive.”
  4. salacious
    Sumner Redstone Apparently Trying Very Hard to Bring You a Sexy, Bad Reality-TV ShowAbout a girl group he’s gone gaga over.
  5. rich people
    Sumner Redstone Is in Need of Some Extra Pocket ChangeTurns out he’s got a fairly sizable loan coming due at the end of the month.
  6. beef
    Sumner Redstone Doesn’t Fear Jay Leno, Not One BitSumner may be ancient, but he’s still as feisty as a 70-year-old.
  7. mortal kombat
    Will Sumner Redstone Be Felled by Crappy Video Games?Over the past 25 years, Redstone’s sunk an estimated $700 million into Midway Games, the company responsible for Mortal Kombat.
  8. the early-evening news
    Jon Stewart Pulls Out of Hosting Gig!But not the Oscars!
  9. the industry
    Independent-Minded Director, Meddling Billionaire Not a Match Made in Heaven After AllIndustry news on Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, and Christo.