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Sundance 2010

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    David Hyde Pierce’s Nightmarish ‘Boom Boom Pow’ Rap Assaults Eyes, EarsHorrifying on all cylinders.
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    20 Best Sundance MoviesHere are the films we’ll all be talking much more about, and soon.
  3. party chat
    Robert Redford’s Scorn Doesn’t Stop Paris HiltonShe has 16 brands to promote! Where else is she supposed to go?
  4. sundance
    Sundance: Gaspar Noe On Enter the Void, Avatar, and Magic Mushrooms“I’m sure he must have done some ‘mental research’ before he made that movie.”
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    Sundance: Annette Bening and Julianne Moore Wow the Fest With a Gay Marriage DramaThe only questions left: Which distributor will acquire it? And then which star will they push for Best Actress?
  6. cherry bombs
    Who Gives the Better Performance in The Runaways, Kristen Stewart or Dakota Fanning?It’s a death match!
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    Sundance: Philip Seymour Hoffman Versus Mark Ruffalo; Ryan Gosling With Michelle WilliamsHoffman and Ruffalo, both first-time filmmakers, only one successful. And Gosling and Williams are great together.
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    Sundance: A Party Reporter’s DiaryFeaturing: Jon Hamm! Philip Seymour Hoffman! Ben Affleck! Shaun White! Nas!
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    Sundance: The Killer Inside Me Is Antichrist Meets Precious Meets No Country for Old MenAlso, it may go down in history as the worst date film ever made.
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    Sundance: Ryan Reynolds Jumps the SnakeA whole movie starring only Ryan Reynolds buried in a coffin in Iraq? Daring!
  11. best of the fest
    Sundance 2010: The Revenge of the DocumentariesWhen the lineup for this year’s Sundance Film Festival was announced, doc-watchers everywhere oohed and aahed at the murderer’s row of documentarians on the schedule.
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    Sundance Goes Populist, and Downsizing Drama The Company Men Is the Festival’s First HitRebels and downsizing dramas are in this year.
  13. party chat
    Jennifer Westfeldt on How 24 Faked New YorkThe budget only allowed three weeks in the city.
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    Sundance: Details on the Coming Jonatham Lethem Adaptation, Promiscuous StoriesYou’ll see Jonathan Lethem, played by Dermot Mulroney, interviewing a giant, talking crab!