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Sundance 2012

  1. sundance 2012
    Snowboarding With Catherine Hardwicke“I thought the Twilight script was horrible.”
  2. sundance 2012
    Meet Quvenzhané Wallis, Sundance’s Biggest 8-Year-Old Celebrity“Somebody come to see me!”
  3. Sundance Awards: Surrogate, Beasts Win BigFind out what went down and who else took home prizes.
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    Sundance Boot Swag Proves a Necessary Perk for Stars Who Don’t Know How Snow Works Many visitors from L.A. didn’t realize that sneakers aren’t the packed shoe of choice for Utah.
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    Sundance Day 9 Buzz Meter: The End of Love Makes for a Wrenching Festival FinishA dad/actor from Scott Pilgrim plays a dad/actor from Scott Pilgrim against his real son.
  6. sundance 2012
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has His Beatles Moment at SundanceAnyone for an actor-led singalong of “Hey Jude”?
  7. Sundance Day 8 Buzz Meter: Is Your Child an Imposter?An unsettling new documentary packs a twisty punch.
  8. Zoe Saldana on Sundance, Star Trek Romance, and Dreaming of Dune“I want to be a Bene Gesserit so bad.”
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    James Murphy on His Sundance Documentary, Rock Star Retirement, and Coffee“I don’t consider myself to be particularly famous. I’m like a scientist. I’m known in my field. If you like science, you might have read my papers.”
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    Brady Corbet Talks Sundance’s Simon Killer, Art Cinema, and Steak Tartare“I never read reviews, but I’ve been reading every review I can find of this one.”
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    John Hawkes on His Standing-Ovation-Worthy Sundance Film, The SurrogateFox Searchlight bought it for $6 million.
  12. Sundance Day 7 Buzz Meter: Bradley Cooper Tries to Find The WordsAnd Emily Blunt gets sisterly.
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    Chris Rock and Julie Delpy on Their Sundance Romance, On-screen Chemistry, and Racism Versus Stupidity Rock: “There’s a difference between racism and ‘I don’t know any better. I’m clueless.’”
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    Julie Delpy Had to Abandon Her Own Sundance Panel Discussion to Go to the HospitalMovie publicity does not trump a blinding migraine.
  15. New Girl’s Jake Johnson on Sundance Style and Giggling Teen Fans“Every time I would turn around, there’d be this group of little girls with their iPhones out.”
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    Sundance Day 6 Buzz Meter: David Duchovny’s Disappointing Goat ManAnd phone sex comedy For a Good Time Call …
  17. chat room
    Aaron Paul on His Sundance Drama Smashed, Playing Drunk, and Breaking Bad“I hate Walt for what he’s done to Jesse.”
  18. chat room
    Sundance Breakout Lizzy Caplan on Save the Date and Her Raunchy Comedy BacheloretteIn which she gives a monologue about blow jobs.
  19. Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock May Tour Together“I’m trying to make that happen,” Rock tells us.
  20. Sundance Day 5 Buzz Meter: Chris Rock’s Culture ClashAlso buzzy: Common goes dramatic, and Stanley Kubrick conspiracy theories.
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    The Surrogate Among Sundance’s Big AcquisitionsCeleste and Jesse Forever and Beasts of the Southern Wild also sold.
  22. Aubrey Plaza on Her Sundance Superhit and Her Murderous Plans Involving Ryan GoslingWatch out, Eva Mendes.
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    Marina Abramovic Throws a Silent Party at SundanceNo talking while you mingle.
  24. Sundance: When the Bachelorette Girls Are Bad, They’re BetterIt’s the meanest bad-girl comedy to come along in years.
  25. sundance 2012
    John Hawkes Gets a Standing Ovation for Sundance’s The SurrogateIn which he plays a severely disabled man who hires a sex surrogate played by Helen Hunt.
  26. Sundance Day 4 Buzz Meter: John Krasinski’s Infidelities, Alison Brie’s Wedding BluesPlus new movies starring Aubrey Plaza and Aaron Paul.
  27. sundance 2012
    LCD Soundsystem Documentary Plays Sundance to Minimal Aisle DancingBut much applause.
  28. Spike Lee at Sundance: Studios ‘Know Nothing About Black People’The Q&A after Lee’s Red Hook Summer gets a little heated.
  29. Rashida Jones Wrote a Sundance Movie, But Would She Write for Parks and Rec?“I’m kind of in love with every character on that show, and our writers are ridic.”
  30. Sundance: Christina Hendricks Is Weirded Out When Her Husband Wears Platform BootsFor his new movie, Geoffrey Arend has been wearing some unlikely rock idol clothes.
  31. sundance 2012
    Watch Nine Shorts From the Sundance Film FestivalWho needs the crowds at Sundance? Judge the shorts from your bed!
  32. tracy morgan
    Tracy Morgan Hospitalized at Sundance [Updated]He passed out shortly after giving a speech.
  33. Cuba Gooding Jr. Saves Aziz Ansari’s Impossible Sundance Stand-Up Show Brutal crowd!
  34. What’s It Like to Be Heckled at Sundance? One Director Tells AllCraig Zobel’s controversial new film Compliance provoked an extreme audience reaction.
  35. Sundance Day 3 Buzz Meter: Richard Gere’s White Collar CrimesGere excels in the tightly written Arbitrage.
  36. Sundance Day 2 Buzz Meter: Campy Red Lights, Frustrating Simon KillerAudiences didn’t quite know what to make of the film’s paranormal Robert De Niro movie.
  37. Sundance: Martin Starr Can’t Sell You Any CokeAnd yet people persist in thinking he’s a drug dealer.
  38. Sundance: The Electrifying Search for Sugar ManMeet Rodriguez, the greatest music icon who never was.
  39. sundance report
    Sundance’s Programming Director on This Year’s Big Buyers’ MarketJohn Cooper talks about the distribution-less lineup.
  40. Sundance Buzz Meter: How Did the First-Day Movies Fare?Joel Edgerton’s Wish You Were Here was a bit of a disappointment.
  41. Parker Posey on the Glory Days of Sundance and the Perils of Modern-Day Indie Filmmaking“It costs a lot of money to get your film shown and to get it supported in our culture right now, so it’s always bittersweet.”
  42. Watch an Exclusive Clip From the Sexy Sundance Drama 28 Hotel RoomsStarring Chris Messina and Marin Ireland.
  43. Vulture Premieres an Animated GIF From the New Tim and Eric MovieTim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie premieres this week at Sundance.
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    Slipknot Is Ready for Sundance“We basically got burlap bags, put them on our heads and then got zip tied and I forced us to walk through thorns.”
  45. Kirsten Dunst, Bradley Cooper Lead Additional Sundance SlateSee the full lineup.
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    Watch the Trailer for WRONGIn Quentin Dupieux’s follow-up to Rubber, he goes from a killer tire to a lost dog.
  47. Sundance Lineup Includes Krazinski, Plaza, Aaron PaulTake a look at all the promising films.