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    Movie Review: The Eyes of My MotherThe twisted dream logic keeps the film from becoming a horror cliché.
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    Meet the Proxy Obamas of Southside With You“There was that look they give each other — an authentic, real look of love; even a sexiness.”
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    John Krasinski on His Successful Sundance Doubleheader“To have people walk out crying is the best compliment I could get.”
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    The Complete List of Sales at Sundance 2016Streaming services grabbed everything they could.
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    The 13 Most Insane Moments From This Year’s Sundance FilmsIncluding Daniel Radcliffe’s postmortem boner.
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    Kroll, Pally, Gelman, Middleditch Talk Joshy“Everybody at one point on this movie had a bit of a meltdown. They were just like, “Everybody, you gotta NOT TALK TO ME TODAY!”
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    January Was Kind to Revenant; Not to YA, De NiroAnd boy, did bears have a big month.
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    The 20 Best Performances of Sundance 2016Including Michelle Williams, Craig Robinson, and Nate Parker.
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    Aja Naomi King’s The Birth of a Nation Breakout“Diversity is all-inclusive; it means everyone. When someone says diversity, what they’re really trying to say is all stories should be normal stories.”
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    DJ MikeQ Brings That ‘C*nt Feeling’ to Kiki Doc“What Paris Is Burning was to the culture,” ballroom’s go-to DJ says of Sara Jordenö’s new documentary, “I feel this could be that and much more.”
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    At Sundance, Two Different Films Examine the Life and Myth of Christine ChubbuckChristine and Kate Plays Christine approach the same purported subject in vastly different ways.
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    The Birth of a Nation and Weiner Take Home Top Sundance Prizes“Thank you, Sundance, for creating a platform for us to grow, in spite of what the rest of Hollywood is doing sometimes. Thank you for being a leader.”
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    Life, Animated’s Owen Suskind Celebrates Passion“The goal here was to get inside Owen’s mind and be on the inside looking out.”
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    Sundance: What To Do When James Franco Slaps YouAs explained by Goat actors Nick Jonas and Ben Schnetzer.
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    Operation Avalanche Is a Sly Act of Movie Love For and By Kubrick FansFans of Room 237 will be enamored.
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    Sundance Review: Little MenIra Sachs has become an essential New York filmmaker.
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    Rebecca Hall on Sundance Suicide Movie Christine“I talked to the guy who cleaned the blood off of the counter. He remembered scrubbing the blood and crying.”
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    On Lyonne and Sevigny’s ‘Weirdo’ Pregnancy Movie“I have no interest in having a child move through my organs. I don’t know how people do it.”
  19. How the Video of Christine Chubbuck’s Suicide Became a Very Macabre ‘Holy Grail’No one’s been able to track it down, but not for lack of trying.
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    WWE Studios Bought a Movie at Sundance, Which Is a Weird SentenceToday in “I swear to God we didn’t make this up.”
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    Nate Parker on The Birth of a Nation’s Breakout“Hollywood was built on the propaganda of D.W. Griffith and The Birth of a Nation. There’s blood on that title.”
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    17 Fascinating Moments in the Anthony Weiner Doc“I lied to her. The primary person I was trying to protect was Huma.”
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    Sundance review: The Heart-Wrenching NewtownThe film is about one of the most horrifying events of recent years, and yet it’s defined by its austerity, its sense of quiet.
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    Yoga Hosers Is Vintage Kevin Smith, for Better or WorseYou get the sense that this is a filmmaker having fun, which is an element Smith’s work has been missing for some time.
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    The Striking Sand Storm Unearths Loneliness Deep in the Israeli DesertIt’s emerging as one of the most-admired films at this year’s Sundance.
  26. Danny Glover Suggests We Get Rid of Awards Shows“The Academy has been what it has been since the outset.”
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    Which Sundance Films Could Score With an Oscar Next Year?The Birth of a Nation and Manchester by the Sea, of course, but also a couple more quaint offerings.
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    Should We Expect Birth of a Nation to Be a Hit?What do the past performances of Sundance’s major acquisitions suggest about the prospects of The Birth of a Nation and Manchester by the Sea?
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    Gabrielle Union Disappears in Birth of a Nation“I asked for her not to have any lines. It’s more symbolic of the lack of control or power that black women had, and have, over our own bodies.”
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    Sundance Review: The Powerful Birth of a NationIt’s a beautiful, reflective film, even as it is also a brutal, visceral one.
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    Nate Parker’s The Birth of a Nation Sets Sundance Sale RecordFox Searchlight will reportedly buy it for a record-setting amount.
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    Sundance Review: First Girl I Loved“All language, it seems, is flexible – both in the world of the film and in how it communicates with its audience.”
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    Music Doesn’t Save in Sing Street, But It Does SateSing Street is far more boisterous and certainly funnier than Once, but it remains in a minor key; “finding happiness in sadness,” is how one character puts it.
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    Molly Shannon and Jesse Plemons on Other People“I’ve been pretty close to being completely naked a few other times, so I wasn’t that intimidated by that.”
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    Spike Lee on Rampling, Caine, and Oscar Politics“Charlotte Rampling and Stacey Dash need to hang out. And they need to go with God. Both of them.”
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    Clea Duvall on Directing Herself in Intervention“Having to trust myself in a whole new way was really scary.”
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    A Bradley Cooper Imposter Crashed Sundance PartyIf you hung out with “Bradley Cooper” on Saturday, we have some bad news.
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    Sundance: As the Obamas Fall in Love, So Will YouThe charming new film Southside With You explores Barack and Michelle’s first date.
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    Sundance Review: Manchester by the SeaIt isn’t just another sad story.
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    Wiener-Dog Is Todd Solondz’s Weirdest Movie EverIt’s either the best or worst thing to ever happen to wiener dogs.
  41. Sundance Review: Morris From America Is LovelyCraig Robinson gives a subtle, tender lead performance.
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    Rebecca Miller: Sundance Fights Hollywood’s Fear of the Female Protagonist“We’re so used to this kind of alienation, we don’t even think about it anymore.”
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    Daniel Radcliffe Explains His Erection (and His Wild New Sundance Movie)“Is this too much information?”
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    Sundance Review: Author: The JT LeRoy StoryThe film is wildly entertaining and informative, but also alive and ever-changing.
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    Julie Delpy: ‘I Wish I Were African-American’“I sometimes wish I were African American because people don’t bash them afterward.”
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    You Need to Meet the 14-Year-Old Who Won SundanceThis kid brought the house down last night.
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    The 15 Most Anticipated Movies of Sundance 2016Featuring Kristen Stewart, Nick Jonas, and … Barack and Michelle Obama?
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    Sundance Announces 2016 Out-of-Competition SlateThey join new films by Kenneth Lonergan and Werner Herzog.
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    Sundance Announces 2016 Competition LineupMeet the indie movies you’ll be talking about throughout the year.