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Sundance Buzz Meter

  1. Sundance Day 8 Buzz Meter: Is Your Child an Imposter?An unsettling new documentary packs a twisty punch.
  2. Sundance Day 7 Buzz Meter: Bradley Cooper Tries to Find The WordsAnd Emily Blunt gets sisterly.
  3. sundance 2012
    Sundance Day 6 Buzz Meter: David Duchovny’s Disappointing Goat ManAnd phone sex comedy For a Good Time Call …
  4. Sundance Day 5 Buzz Meter: Chris Rock’s Culture ClashAlso buzzy: Common goes dramatic, and Stanley Kubrick conspiracy theories.
  5. Sundance Day 4 Buzz Meter: John Krasinski’s Infidelities, Alison Brie’s Wedding BluesPlus new movies starring Aubrey Plaza and Aaron Paul.
  6. Sundance Day 2 Buzz Meter: Campy Red Lights, Frustrating Simon KillerAudiences didn’t quite know what to make of the film’s paranormal Robert De Niro movie.