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  1. tv review
    Sundance Channel’s Gomorrah Is an Unglamorized View Into Mob LifeGomorrah seems to be striving for a documentary aesthetic, and for the most part, the “you are there” tricks work quite well.
  2. tv review
    Hap and Leonard Is an Entrancing, Unusual ShowHap and Leonard is a smart show that doesn’t preen about how smart it is. 
  3. Neal Brennan Is Hosting a Game Show Based on ‘NY Mag’s Approval Matrix for […]New York magazine’s “Approval Matrix” is getting its very own TV show. Chappelle’s Show show co-creator Neal Brennan has been hired to host a […]
  4. teasers
    See Jason Momoa in Sundance’s The Red RoadKhal Drogo lives to khal another drogo.
  5. in development
    Sundance Channel Working on an NRA DramaCalled Cold Dead Hands.
  6. year in culture 2013
    Three Cable Nets That Had a Fantastic YearSundance, BBC America, and Adult Swim all took a step forward.
  7. Now Sundance Wants A Visit From the Goon Squad They’re reportedly eyeing an adaptation.
  8. tv review
    TV Review: Sundance Channel’s The Returned Is Uncannily BeautifulThe dead come back to life in a small town in France — just don’t call the import also known as Les Revenants a zombie show.
  9. Go Back, with The ReturnedExplore the evolution of the supernatural/horror genre over the past 60 years.
  10. Talking to Jim Rash About ‘The Writers’ Room,’ ‘The Way, Way Back,’ and […]It’s rare for a sitcom role as a pansexual Dalmatian fetishist to launch an actor to stardom, but ever since taking on the mantle and […]
  11. Jim Rash’s New Show ‘The Writers Room’ Finds Him Interviewing ‘Parks and […]Jim Rash, who you may know as Dean Pelton on Community or for his work as a writer/director (The Way, Way Back), has a new show on the Sundance […]
  12. casting couch
    Jason Momoa Cast in Sundance Channel DramaOr, as you know him, Khal Drogo.
  13. renewals
    Sundance Wants More RectifyGood news.
  14. tv review
    Seitz on Sundance’s Rectify: So Old-School It Almost Seems New-SchoolThis new show is about a death-row inmate released back into society after many years away.
  15. tv review
    TV Review: Top of the LakeIt’s already March, and TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz already expects this miniseries to make his year-end “Top 10” list.
  16. Lena Dunham and Judd Apatow to Chat It Up on ‘Iconoclasts’ Tonight Tonight at 8pm on the Sundance Channel’s Iconoclasts, a show in which two famous people chat about being famous and such, Judd Apatow and Lena […]
  17. tv
    Sundance’s Love Lust Returns Tonight With ‘Bad Girls’And this time, with Vulture input!
  18. Elvis Costello, Jenny Lewis, and Zooey Deschanel Are Together Again for the First TimeTime to update your bucket list.
  19. the early word
    So, How Is Elvis Costello’s Variety Show?Not so great!
  20. the industry
    NBC Spending Even More Time at ‘The Office’Plus: The fate of ‘Friday Night Lights,’ William Monahan’s next project, and Elvis Costello’s talk show.