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    Sundance’s Programming Director on This Year’s Big Buyers’ MarketJohn Cooper talks about the distribution-less lineup.
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    The Best Films at Sundance This YearVulture caught nearly all the big buzz titles: Here’s what you should plan on seeing.
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    Like Crazy’s Big Win, and Other Highlights From the Sundance Awards Ceremony’How to Die in Oregon’ scored.
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    We Have the Sundance Promos the Festival Nixed at the Last MinuteThese four videos were approved, shot, and edited … and then rejected a week before the fest for being “too edgy.”
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    Ed Helms Is Surprised People Like the Wire Joke in Cedar RapidsA “stickler for realism,” he didn’t like the meta gag of a ‘Wire’ alum referencing Omar.
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    Ed Helms, Ben Foster, Kate Bosworth, and More in Vulture’s Sundance Photo AlbumSee the stars in all their winterwear!
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    Why Phife Dawg Broke Down at the Premiere of A Tribe Called Quest’s New Doc“I just wish they were all here to witness how much love you guys showed this movie.”
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    My Idiot Brother Becomes Sundance’s Big BuyThe Paul Rudd comedy is going to the Weinstein Company.
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    Kevin Smith’s Red State Premiered at Sundance, and Vulture Was ThereWith protest signs galore.
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    Is Sundance Hit Like Crazy Basically Blue Valentine Lite?Paramount just bought it for $4 million. Here’s our take.
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    With The Future, Miranda July Confronts Mortality and Delivers Something TimelessThus far, it’s the best film of the Sundance Film Festival.
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    James Franco’s Homage to Three’s Company Draws a CrowdAlso, he wears a blond wig.
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    The Sadistic Pleasures of Hobo With a ShotgunFlamethrowers on a school bus!
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    How a Sundance Multimedia Exhibit Nearly Made a Blogger Rob a Bank“Lock yourself inside the stall. For the things you will have to do, you need to be unobserved.”