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  1. supercuts
    Here’s a Video of Blink-182 Blinking 182 Times for YouWhat’s in a name? If the name is Blink-182, it’s 182 blinks.
  2. crying
    This Supercut of Sad Movie Moments Will Definitely Make You CryGet your tissues ready.
  3. Watch a Bunch of Celebrities Doing ImpressionsWill Ferrell is Harrison Ford. Justin Bieber is British. Everyone is Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  4. supercuts
    Watch a Supercut of Every Best Picture WinnerHow many do you recognize?
  5. supercuts
    Watch a Parks and Recreation Boozing SupercutDrown your sorrows with your favorite cast on TV.
  6. clickables
    Watch a Supercut of Distracted People Getting Hit by BusesIn movies and TV, obviously.
  7. supercuts
    Watch a Supercut of 30 Rock’s Tragically Brilliant Dot Com“I guess that’s why I’m still single.”
  8. Watch an ‘I Can Explain’ SupercutBut, really, they can!
  9. Watch a Supercut of Space Helmets in FilmHelmets! In! Space!
  10. supercuts
    Proof: Sex and the City Was Just One Long SegueMeanwhile, in Supercutville …
  11. See the Future, As Imagined by HollywoodRobots! Flying shops! Shark holograms!
  12. Watch a Supercut of Famous People Playing ThemselvesAnd the winner is: Ryan Seacrest.
  13. it's the end of the world as we know it
    How to Deal With the Apocalypse, According to Disaster MoviesGet drunk.
  14. Watch a Supercut of End of the World MoviesSo Friday will be like Armegeddon?
  15. spike lee
    Watch a Supercut of Spike Lee’s Dolly ShotsSpike gets supercut.
  16. president obama
    Watch a Supercut of President Obama’s Signature PhraseCan you clarify, Mr. President?
  17. Watch a Supercut of 50 Heartbreaking Movie MomentsAnd the award goes to the first scene from Up.
  18. Watch a Supercut of Characters Saying ‘There’s No Time to Explain!’Time: Who has it?
  19. rupaul's drag race
    Watch a Supercut of RuPaul Telling Contestants Not to ‘F*ck It Up’Eat your heart out, Heidi Klum.
  20. liam neeson
    Watch a Supercut of Liam Neeson Getting the Last WordDon’t mess with Liam.
  21. a christmas carol
    Watch a Supercut of Scrooges Saying ‘Humbug!’Quit humbuggin’!
  22. 30 rock
    The Look of Love: A Tribute to 30 Rock’s Liz and CrissLike Liz and Dick, but not at all!
  23. Watch a Supercut of Underwater Moments in FilmAnd it’s a mouthful.
  24. the hobbit
    Chronologically Accurate Spot for The HobbitOh, now it all makes sense!
  25. Watch a Supercut of the 100 Most Depressing Movie Death Scenes Sad face.
  26. robert pattison
    Watch a Supercut of Robert Pattinson’s Intense StaresHe’s looking into your soul!
  27. Supercut: Windows Smashing in FilmMovie magic!
  28. Watch a Supercut of Characters Saying, ‘He’s Right Behind Me, Isn’t He?’Wow, that’s a lot of trash-talking.
  29. james bond
    Watch a Two-Hour-Long ‘Supercut’ of James Bond ScenesYou can’t beat Sean Connery. You just can’t.
  30. Watch a Supercut of 101 of the Greatest Movie Villains of All TimeBad guy win!
  31. imdb
    Watch a Supercut of IMDb’s Top 250 MoviesCollect ‘em all!
  32. flight
    This Supercut Will Keep You From Ever Stepping Foot Into an AirportMovie plane crashes — you’ve been warned. 
  33. Watch a Supercut of Movie Characters Smoking UpBut what does it mean?
  34. bruce willis
    Watch a Supercut of Bruce Willis Causing Massive Property DamageThe damage is done.
  35. Watch a Supercut of Famous Actors in Their Early Horror RolesIt’s a living.
  36. ‘The Goofiest Villains in Horror Movie History’Oof. Just “oof.”
  37. arrested development
    Watch a Supercut of Tobias Funke’s Most Awkward LinesBehold the world’s first analrapist!
  38. claire danes
    The Claire Danes Cry Face Supercut DeliversDoesn’t take much.
  39. burt reynolds
    This Burt Reynolds Tribute Is Weirdly HypnoticDon’t try to make sense of it, just take it in.
  40. law and order
    Famous People on Television: A Supercut of Celebrities on Law & OrderHow many can you spot? (And which ones are actually talented?)
  41. viral videos
    When Cute Dogs and Laughing Babies CollideTeam Dog or Team Baby?
  42. 30 rock
    See a Comprehensive Supercut of Every ‘TGS’ Sketch Mentioned on 30 Rock“I can’t sit in a booth!”
  43. Watch a Supercut of ‘Drink Slaps’From wine to slushies, they’re everywhere!
  44. mad men
    Watch Every Drink Ever Drunk on Mad MenIf you’re a recovering alcoholic, this is not the supercut for you.
  45. Watch a Supercut of Movie Characters Saying ‘Check, Please’Spaceballs, you guys.
  46. bruce willis
    Watch a Supercut of a Confused Bruce WillisThat is so Bruce!
  47. saved by the bell
    Watch a Supercut of Mr. Belding Barging InAnd the Emmy goes to …
  48. Supercut of ‘There Are Two Kinds of People’Because why shouldn’t this be a thing?
  49. Watch a Supercut of Animals Covering Their Eyes in MoviesFurther proof that the nineties were weird.
  50. the goonies
    Play The Goonies Name GameWhich Goonie gets name-checked the most? Place your bets!
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