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  1. shane please step on my neck!
    YouTube Supercuts Were All Queer Kids Had Until The L WordIt was the first time I remember watching a television show and not needing to speed through to find the gay stuff. The whole show was the gay stuff.
  2. game of thrones
    The Many Great Whines of Game of Thrones’s Joffrey, King of Snots“Wahhh wahhh, I’m the king”: a supercut.
  3. supercuts
    Topher Grace Can’t Stop Editing Star WarsHe’s got a problem!
  4. supercuts
    Here’s a Video of Blink-182 Blinking 182 Times for YouWhat’s in a name? If the name is Blink-182, it’s 182 blinks.
  5. crying
    This Supercut of Sad Movie Moments Will Definitely Make You CryGet your tissues ready.
  6. Watch a Bunch of Celebrities Doing ImpressionsWill Ferrell is Harrison Ford. Justin Bieber is British. Everyone is Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  7. supercuts
    All of Justin Theroux’s Beautiful Tears on The LeftoversYou cry, we cry.
  8. supercuts
    Supercut of Tyra Announcing the Country on ANTMThere’s a lot of screaming!
  9. supercuts
    Revisit the Oddities of Vows With This SupercutWhere is Kendrick Lamar, though?
  10. See a Supercut of All the New Star Wars FootageWe’ve already seen 3.21 percent of the movie!
  11. cats
    This Cats in Film Supercut Is Better Than a Dogs in Film Supercut Would BeMeowvies.
  12. supercuts
    Here’s a Supercut of Haunted Houses in Movies to Freak You Out Before HalloweenFeaturing the terrifying homes from Amityville, Babadook, and The Conjuring, among many, many others.
  13. supercuts
    Here’s a Supercut of All of Owen Wilson’s Whispers Because You Need ThisThis vid proves he whispers in every single one of his movies.
  14. roll clip!
    Here’s a Supercut of Inventive TWD Zombie KillsWarning: not for the fainthearted.
  15. supercuts
    Watch 3 Interpretations of Hannibal LecterHannibal and Will, three ways.
  16. supercuts
    This Mr. Robot Supercut Proves What You Knew All AlongNow who’s the conspiracy theorist?
  17. supercuts
    Yikes — Watch All 264 of Jason Statham’s Movie PunchesIncluding the animated one.
  18. roll clip!
    This Celebrity-Interview Supercut Is a Near Overdose of AwkwardDeliciously awkward, that is?
  19. hometown pride
    Watch the Stars of Show Me a Hero Say ‘Yonkers’ Over and OverLocation, location, location.
  20. supercuts
    Wow, This Owen Wilson Supercut Is As Crazy As a Road LizardBehold the Owen Wilsonisms.
  21. supercuts
    This Supercut Will Flip You Off TonsHey, you’re not allowed to get mad if Mrs. Doubtfire’s involved.
  22. have a seat
    The Ultimate Completely Unhelpful ‘Next Week on Mad Men’ PreviewTen minutes of “Hello” and “What?” and “Close the door.”
  23. punkmageddon
    How Mad Max Revolutionized What the Future Looked Like in FilmThe day the apocalypse went punk.
  24. supercuts
    Watch Actors, Comedians Do Their Best Dog ImpressionsIn this supercut of people barking their faces off.
  25. supercuts
    Here’s a Supercut of Every Time Owen Wilson Says WowWell, in a live-action film.
  26. explainers assemble!
    Everything You’ll Need to Know for Avengers: Age of Ultron, in 7 MinutesOtherwise, you’d have to rewatch ten movies.
  27. summer movie preview 2015
    Watch This 1995-Style Avengers TrailerComing soon to VHS!
  28. supercuts
    Watch a Cool Supercut of Opening and Closing Movie Frames, Side by SideFrom Brokeback Mountain to Boyhood.
  29. golden globes 2015
    Watch the Best of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler at the 2015 Golden GlobesAll in one supercut.
  30. just butts
    An Ode to Ben Wyatt’s Butt on Parks and Recreation All about that butt.
  31. movies
    See a Beautifully Edited Supercut of Some of This Year’s Best FilmsWho knew Birdman could make Godzilla look so good?
  32. refresher course
    Need a Hunger Games Refresher? Watch Our 3-Minute RecapGet ready for Mockingjay in just three minutes!
  33. cue inception noise
    5 Ways to Know You’re in a Christopher Nolan MovieDon’t trip on any dead wives.
  34. the voice
    Pharrell Williams: The Voice’s Most Zen and Wonderful JudgeA True Guru.
  35. my parents are deeeaaaaaad
    Seriously, Though, How Many Times Do We Have to Watch Batman’s Parents Die?Presenting a video remix of all the times they’ve died.
  36. supercuts
    Watch a Supercut of Every Impression Bill Hader Did on SNLFrom Al Pacino to Yitzhak Hofi.
  37. supercuts
    See a Supercut of Every Tarantino Movie DeathThere are a lot.
  38. turtle power never dies
    Watch a Video About the Bizarre History of the Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesWatch our three-minute whirlwind TMNT retrospective.
  39. supercuts
    Almost All of the OITNB Cast Was on Law & Order“Orange & Black: dun-dun
  40. lifetime movies
    Lifetime’s Polygamy Movie Got Super CreepyWith Tony Goldwyn as polygamist sect leader and child rapist Warren Jeffs.
  41. recaps in disguise
    Save 7 Hours With This Recap of Transformers 1-3Get up to speed before the new one.
  42. private parts
    Every Vagina Reference in Orange Is New Black S2From “upholstery” to “fallopian relay-race.”
  43. oof
    Watch a Supercut of Every Single Grunt From Season 4 of Game of ThronesSeriously, every single one.
  44. privy pain
    Game of Thrones Reminded Us That the Bathroom Can Be a Dangerous PlaceNot for the faint of bowel.
  45. frenemies
    Watch a Supercut of Arya and the Hound BickeringOne of TV’s great frenemy-ships.
  46. supercuts
    Watch This Supercut of Every Vagina Reference on Orange Is the New BlackNSFW if you’re a prude.
  47. supercuts
    Watch a Supercut of People Saying ‘Don’t Die on Me’ in MoviesDon’t do it, don’t you dare die on me.
  48. lol
    Supercut: Every Nicolas Cage Movie Laugh EverLOL.
  49. veruca salt realness
    Watch This Supercut of Louis C.K.’s Daughter Jane Being a Whiner on Louie“But Daaaaaadyyyyyy …”
  50. supercuts
    Video: The Wolf of Wall Street: ‘Just the F Words’It’s totally SFW.
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