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  1. Celebrating Ten Years with ‘Superego’It was with heavy hearts that we received the following email from the gentlemen of Superego: “Superego has a new episode coming out the […]
  2. Behind Shunt McGuppin with Superego’s Jeremy CarterShunt McGuppin, the foul-mouthed, backwards country western singer from the popular podcast Superego finally has his own album and it’s […]
  3. Inside the Return of ‘Superego’ with Matt Gourley, Jeremy Carter, Mark […] On September 1st, the incredibly funny podcast Superego is returning with the debut of its long-awaited fourth season. The semi-improvised […]
  4. ‘Superego’ Season 4 Is Coming; Paul F. Tompkins to Join Group Full-TimeThe popular improvised sketch podcast Superego hasn’t released a new episode since the spring of 2013, but the group behind the show is finally […]
  5. Tom Lennon Runs a Christian Monster Museum in This New ‘Superego’ Video Here’s the latest video the comedy group/podcast Superego made for Nerdist, in which Tom Lennon voices a Christian man who runs a kids’ museum […]
  6. Patton Oswalt Squares Off with General Zod in a New ‘Superego’ Video Last week, Nerdist started releasing animated videos of sketches from the comedy podcast Superego, and here’s the latest one featuring […]
  7. Classic ‘Superego’ Sketches Are Getting Animated Thanks to NerdistIf you’re a fan of animation and the hit improvised podcast Superego, Nerdist is launching a new weekly series that will take classic Superego […]
  8. Andy Daly and ‘Superego’s Matt Gourley Are Hosting a New Podcast for […]Podcast network Earwolf announced a new show yesterday. Called The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project, the podcast will be hosted by Andy Daly […]
  9. Paul F. Tompkins Does a Great Impression of ‘Boardwalk Empire’s Richard […] Here’s a new video Paul F. Tompkins and some friends made for Funny or Die in which he plays the murder-loving, face mask-wearing Boardwalk […]
  10. Watch a New Video ‘Superego’ Made for Adult Swim The folks behind the hilarious podcast Superego made this animated video about James Bond and his boss M for Adult Swim, finally getting the […]
  11. Talking to the Guys Behind the Podcast ‘Superego’ About Their New […]There’s no shortage of great comedy podcasts these days, but one of the funniest ones going is Superego, an improvised audio sketch show […]
  12. Watch a Music Video for the New Album from the ‘Superego’ Guys The folks behind the excellent comedy podcast Superego are releasing a comedic country-rock album called Mount Us More on Tuesday. Here’s a […]
  13. ‘Superego’ Is Releasing a Country Rock Album July 2ndThe guys behind the excellent comedy podcast Superego are putting out their first album. Called Mount Us More, it’s a comedy music album from […]
  14. Watch an Animated ‘Superego’ Video from Thing X Here’s a new animated video from the talented folks behind the excellent comedy podcast Superego, released by Thing X. It’s about what may […]
  15. Watch a New Animated Video from ‘Superego’ Here’s a new animated video the guys from the hilarious podcast Superego made for Thing X, the newish comedy website from Adult Swim and a […]
  16. This Week in Comedy PodcastsLast week the AV Club asked, “Are we nearing comedy podcast overload?” To which the writer not surprisingly asserted we were. I both entirely […]
  17. This Week in Comedy PodcastsAre you totally psyched for the Super Bowl this Sunday? Who are you rooting for? The Giants? The Patriots? Or maybe the Giant Patriots with […]