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  1. last night on late night
    Toni Collette Is Also a Fan of John Early’s Toni Collette Impersonation“Oh, he’s so lovely!”
  2. superfans
    Padma Lakshmi Has Always Been a Comedy Nerd“It is my lifelong goal to try to be funny and win the appreciation of others by having them laugh at my jokes.”
  3. superfans
    Watch Rainn Wilson Put Billie Eilish’s Office Knowledge to the TestOkay, this girl’s good.
  4. superfans
    John Early Finally Gave Toni Collette the Collage He Made Her As a 12-Year-Old“THANKYOU SOOOO MUCH!!!”
  5. The Cult of Tonya HardingFive Tonya Harding superfans on why they’re so obsessed with the nationally disgraced Olympic skater.
  6. What Happens When Radiohead Runs Out of Unreleased Classics?Radiohead fans are obsessive about their unreleased classics, but what happens when the band runs out?
  7. revenge of the nerds
    Suicide Squad Fans Petition Rotten TomatoesMisguided vigilante justice for the internet age.
  8. superfans
    Star Wars Fan Builds Lego Millennium FalconConstructed by modern Michelangelo Marshal Banana.
  9. seinfeld
    Seinfeld Cast Members Send In-Character Videos to Terminally Ill FanSobbing this much is making me thirsty.
  10. super fans
    What’s Going on With Garth Brooks and Ireland?The Dublin City Council canceled two tour dates.
  11. r.i.p. walter white
    Albuquerque Charity Holds Walter White’s FuneralAmid controversy.
  12. superfans
    Blink-182 Superfan Is Making a Blink-182 MovieBut Blink-182 isn’t really feeling it.