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    Hey, Time to Download Chance the Rapper’s SurfFor free.
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    The New Age of the Family Sitcom (and Where Louis C.K. Is Taking It)If all the best parenting sitcoms have ‘Roseanne’ DNA, ‘Louis’ has it the most purely.
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    TV Review: In Treatment Is Back on the CouchRomantic and agitating in turns, the HBO drama has, in its stealthy way, become one of the most experimental series on television.
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    Nussbaum: Do We Want Too Much From TV’s Creators?The Just Jealous! thesis and the I’m Rubber, You’re Glue school of thought.
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    Don’t Be Afraid of Dexter, He’s Killing in Season FiveShowtime’s drama about a serial killer is disturbing, sure, but also one of the most brilliant dramas on TV.
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    Emily Nussbaum on the Curse of the Ghost TV FanWhy even bother falling in love with a TV show when there’s a good chance it will be canceled?
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    What Kind of World Is It Where Only MTV Gets Teen Pregnancy Right?It may feel staged, but it also feels real. Unlike ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager.’
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    TV Review: Lone Star Lives Up to the HypeThe Fox drama about a con man in Texas deserves every bit of advance buzz.
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    Gail Collins: Huge Buffy Head“I had this very big discussion with Paul Krugman about ‘Firefly;’ that was fun.”
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    Nussbaum on Scrubs 2.0“Though I don’t exactly want Lucy to be stabbed during a Valentine’s Day episode, I don’t exactly not.”
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    Nussbaum on the Mad Men Finale“It made me think and argue and feel, which is exactly what great TV should do.”
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    Nussbaum on Tonight’s Dollhouse“Like ‘Dollhouse,’ it’s become increasingly clear that ‘Mad Men’ is at heart a nihilistic vision of a prefeminist universe.
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    Nussbaum: Stop the Mad Men Backlash!Over at Surf, a plea to end the insanity.
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    Nussbaum on HIMYM, ‘Aspies,’ and the Duggars of Wisteria LaneCheck out the latest post on Surf.
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    Emily Nussbaum Wants You to Watch The Middle, Hate-Watch Cougar TownAnd so it shall be!
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    Nussbaum on Eastwick: ‘Lord, Is This Show Depressing’Fortunately for ABC, she has good things to say about ‘FlashForward.’
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    The Real Smithers Revealed!Nussbaum discovers in John Ortved’s new ‘The Simpsons: An Uncensored Unauthorized History’ the identity of the guy who inspired Waylon Smithers.
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    Nussbaum on the Mistaken-for-Gay CharacterAt Surf, Emily Nussbaum ponders the history of straight TV-sitcom characters mistaken for gay, from Jack Tripper through Andy Bernard.
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    Nussbaum Blogs!Today marks the debut of Surf, the new blog by ‘New York’ TV critic Emily Nussbaum.