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Suri Cruise

  1. vulture reading room
    All the Weird Tom Cruise Stories From Leah Remini’s Book About ScientologyThere’s a lot more than couch-jumping in here.
  2. celebrity divorce
    Guess How Much It Costs to Raise Suri Cruise?Tiny high heels are not cheap.
  3. celebrity divorce
    Katie Holmes Gets ‘Primary Custody’ of Suri [UPDATE]Says the AP.
  4. celebrity divorce
    Katie Holmes Broke Up With Tom Cruise Over ScientologyAnother non-surprise.
  5. awesome
    ‘Flintstones’ Musical May Throw Broadway a BonePlease, God, let them cast Suri Cruise as Pebbles.
  6. close encounters
    Vulture Takes a Walk With Tom and SuriSee pictures! OMG!
  7. the early-evening news
    Mother of Suri to Play Superhero?Why Winehouse jumped rehab and Justin Timberlake can’t jump.