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  1. surprise!
    The Lovely Bones Gets a Rare Thumbs-Up From Harry Knowles“LOVELY BONES will be one of the films of the year.”
  2. surprise!
    Theater-Industry Employees Blown Away by Footage From Theater-Industry–Saving Avatar“Absolutely stunning,” tweets the vice-president of product development at DTS Digital Cinema.
  3. surprise!
    Dr. Parnassus Gets the Harry Knowles Stamp of ApprovalThe Internet’s easiest movie critic has seen Terry Gilliam’s ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’ — and he likes it!
  4. surprise!
    Shocker: Harry Knowles Loved WatchmenWe’re sure you were just dying to know what he thought.
  5. surprise!
    Terrence Howard’s Replacement in ‘Iron Man 2’ Is News to Terrence HowardJust like we did, he read it in ‘Variety.’