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    How Do Hollywood Writers Feel About Leaving Their Agents? 8 Weigh In.“We’re just going to be floating, and people aren’t going to give a fuck. There are going to be casualties for sure.”
  2. Comedy Videos Are the Most Popular Videos on the InternetA new survey by the Pew Research Center found that comedy videos are the most popular videos on the internet, with 57% of internet-using adults […]
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    People Who Participate in Telephone Polls Do Not Like Justin Bieber, ClubsAnd they support JT’s golf career.
  4. Who’s Your Favorite ‘Office’ Character?About a year or so after the American version of The Office first premiered in 2005, I remember asking my aunt if she’d seen the show yet. She […]
  5. What Was the Best Sitcom of the Season?So, the 2011-2012 TV season is pretty much finished at this point. Looking back, there’s only one question that comes to mind: which single […]
  6. Comedy’s 17 Favorite ComediansWho are the best working comedians today? Who’s creating the best material, influencing the most people and is the flat-out funniest? You could […]