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  1. revelations
    Susan Boyle Is ‘Relieved’ to Be Diagnosed With Asperger’s“I feel more relaxed about myself.”
  2. vulture reads
    Sunday Reads: James Deen and Scary Movies Another excuse to stay indoors.
  3. clickables
    Hear Susan Boyle’s Unexpected Depeche Mode CoverIt’s “Enjoy the Silence,” but extra sad.
  4. clickables
    Hear Susan Boyle’s Underwhelming New Single, ‘You Have to Be There’From her third (really!) album.
  5. clickables
    Hear Susan Boyle Sing the Theme for Trippy Anime Film Welcome to the SpaceshowIn which we learn that wasabi is one of the most valuable substances in the universe.
  6. money
    The Black Eyed Peas Are Not As Inescapably, Suffocatingly Popular As They Used to BeTheir latest full-length has disappointed on the charts.
  7. clickables
    See Susan Boyle’s Less-Than-Successful Performance on The ViewOh dear.
  8. beef
    Susan Boyle Bumps Taylor Swift From No. 1SuBo!
  9. talk
    Where Do You Stand on Susan Boyle?Now is your time.
  10. radio vulture
    Susan Boyle Has a Gloomy Christmas Gift for YouTake the frumpy Scottish sensation with you into a pit of depression this holiday season!
  11. beef
    Round Two of Susan Boyle vs. Taylor Swift Starts Right NowWho’ll take Billboard’s No. 1 spot next week?
  12. video tape
    Lou Reed Apologizes to Susan Boyle by Directing Her Music VideoSee the video!
  13. oh em glee
    Susan Boyle in for Glee’s Holiday EpisodeFun!
  14. susan boyle
    Another Susan Boyle Reality-Show Performance CanceledMichael Bolton will take her spot.
  15. beef
    Susan Boyle’s New Single Is Lou Reed’s ‘Perfect Day’Boyle wins again.
  16. heroes
    Lou Reed Scotches Boyle PerformanceHe wouldn’t let her sing “Perfect Day” on ‘America’s Got Talent’ because he “isn’t a Boyle fan.”
  17. tca
    Paul McCartney Reveals His Inner Gleek, Sends Ryan Murphy A MixtapeThe show will use Beatles music this season.
  18. beef
    Susan Boyle vs. Taylor Swift: It’s On Again!They’ll be competing for the sales crown of the year, once again.
  19. susan's search
    Susan Boyle to Dominate Talent-Search Industry“‘Susan’s Search’ is about giving other people an opportunity. It’s about letting them live the dream that they have always wanted to do.”
  20. quote machine
    Rereleased Avatar Might Feature Hot Na’vi Sex, or Some Boring StuffPlus: Gwyneth Paltrow just drinking all the time.
  21. vulture lists
    12 Odd, Inspired Rap CollaborationsJoanna Newsom, rap darling.
  22. susan boyle
    Pope Loves Susan Boyle, TooHe’ll be catching a Boyle gig later this year.
  23. glee
    Glee Wants Susan Boyle for Lunch-Lady RoleJ.Lo’s leftovers may be Boyle’s reward.
  24. stars of the internet
    Asian Susan Boyle Gets Record ContractCongrats, Lin Yu-chun.
  25. second verse
    Britain’s Got Talent Produces Another Susan Boyle, Right on TimeHer name is Janey Cutler
  26. susan boyle
    Susan Boyle’s Memoir Dream Becomes Reality’The Woman I Was Born to Be’ due this fall.
  27. tv
    Watch the Taiwanese Susan Boyle Bust a MoveThe little boy famous for his “I Will Always Love You” rendition can also dance.
  28. america's got talent
    Gabourey Sidibe’s Mother Aims To Be The Next Susan Boyle’Precious’ star’s mom to appear on ‘America’s Got Talent.’
  29. music
    Watch a Taiwanese Boy’s Amazing Rendition of ‘I Will Always Love You’The secret to YouTube superstardom is looking chubby, but then being talented.
  30. tv
    The Japanese Susan Boyle ImpersonatorSmasan Boyle.
  31. charts
    Susan Boyle No Longer No. 1Who is this Ke$ha anyway?
  32. stats
    A Winner Is Crowned in the Susan Boyle Versus Taylor Swift Sell-OffIt was so close!
  33. revenge
    Susan Boyle Gaining on Mean Country SingerBoyle can still top Swift for best-selling artist of 2009.
  34. no accounting for taste
    Everyone’s Buying Their Mom Susan Boyle’s CD for ChristmasAnother 661,000 copies were sold this week, an increase of 14 percent from last week.
  35. no accounting for taste
    Susan Boyle Is Going Double PlatinumHer album will have sold over two million copies by this time next week.
  36. charts
    Susan Boyle Sold More Copies of Her New Album in a Week Than Anyone Else This YearShe’s at No. 1, and she crushed the competition.
  37. sales
    Susan Boyle Rules AmazonShe dreamed a dream.
  38. comebacks
    Wild Horses Couldn’t Drag Susan Boyle Away (Even If You Wish They Would)She’s back!
  39. eyesores
    NBC Trots Out Susan Boyle for No Apparent ReasonOther than a ratings boost for ‘America’s Got Talent’, that is.
  40. regrets
    Is Renowned Evil Genius Simon Cowell Going Soft?If his column in this weekend’s ‘Daily Mail’ is to be believed, the answer is yes!
  41. secret admirers
    Susan Boyle Picking Up Some Unlikely New FansSlipknot, anyone?
  42. quote machine
    Ed Helms on the Unlikeliest Hangover Cameo of AllPlus: Andrew Shue a little bitter about not starring in the ‘Melrose Place’ remake.
  43. solitude
    Susan Boyle Is Ready to Rejoin SocietyThe first thing on her to-do list is to respond to Barack Obama’s Evite.
  44. scandals
    Did a Voting Scandal Cost Susan Boyle the Britain’s Got Talent Crown?Possibly!
  45. politics
    Obama Preparing for a Post-Presidency As an Entertainment BloggerIs there any other possible explanation for the events of this week?
  46. meltdowns
    Susan Boyle Lands in Rehab Clinic After Historic Upset in Britain’s Got Talent FinaleWhat a bizarre twist.
  47. boylewatch
    Susan Boyle Goes Into Hiding!As long as she doesn’t tell Joe Biden where she’s going, she oughtta be okay.
  48. backlash to the backlash
    Leave Susan Boyle Alone!Whether Susan Boyle wins or loses, we can’t help but feel like she’s being exploited.
  49. twitter
    Twitter Helps Connect Rich Celebrities Living Thousands of Miles ApartAnd you thought the service was only good for wasting time!
  50. christ figures
    The Second Coming Arrives As Susan Boyle Returns to Britain’s Got TalentWhen it comes to Susan Boyle, we tend to side with Lily Allen.
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