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Susanne Bier

  1. how everything works
    The Stories Behind The Undoing’s Very, Very Fancy HomesHello, Upper East Siders.
  2. chat room
    Director Susanne Bier on Women in Hollywood“My worry: I don’t want us to be fringe. We are more than half of the world’s population, and we are always put in a box as if we’re a minority.”
  3. vod
    Why Did Serena Go Straight to VOD?Serena is interesting because it’s a much rarer artifact than a really bad movie — it’s an incompetent movie.
  4. on set photos
    See Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in Period GarbFrom Susanne Bier’s Serena.
  5. casting couch
    Jennifer Lawrence Will Star in The Rules of InheritanceDirected by Serena’s Susanne Bier.
  6. Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence Reteam for SerenaTo be directed by Susanne Bier.
  7. the industry
    Hugh Grant Bumbles His Way Out of a Movie RolePlus: Nick Fury to have a bigger part in ‘Iron Man 2’?
  8. the industry
    Hugh Grant and Zhang Ziyi Speak the Language of LovePlus: Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen return to Broadway in spring 2009.
  9. the industry
    Mary-Louise Parker Picks Up the ‘Phone’Plus industry news on Eminem, Terry Zwigoff and Dan Clowes, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.