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  1. The Complete Guide To Everything: Moving (Part 2)In this thrilling conclusion to last week’s episode, we talk more about the experience of moving. Instead of complaining about movers, we […]
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    Watch Some Crazy Candy Sushi Get Made Before Your Very EyesIt’s really cool.
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    Watch Jeremy Piven Explain the Whole Mercury-Poisoning IncidentJeremy “I quit the play because I ate too much sushi” Piven opens up to ‘Rolling Stone.’
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    Jeremy Piven Derails Another PlayPiven’s attorneys sent the Public Theater a cease and desist over ‘The Jeremy Piven Monologues.’
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    Sushi-Poisoned Jeremy Piven Basically Lucky to Be Alive, He Tells LettermanA doctor: “‘You can’t go back and do eight shows a week, you simply can’t … unless you want to have a heart attack.’”
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    Victory: Jeremy Piven Cleared in Sushigate, Plots Broadway Comeback“I had a real health scare, and now I can climb back on the stage and know that I’m strong and able to complete the mission.”
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    Jeremy Piven to Be MockedAt September 14’s ‘The Jeremy Piven Monologues,’ the best jokes about Piven’s near-deadly sushi poisoning will be given a dramatic reading. Real classy, guys.
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    Ailing Broadway Star Turns to Natural MedicineThis afternoon, TMZ posted photos of Jeremy Piven enjoying what appears to be medicinal marijuana with a supportive friend.
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    Victory: Jeremy Piven’s Mercury-Filled Tears Sway Jury of His Peers“At times I was incapable of getting enough oxygen to get my lines out on stage.”
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    Piven-less Plow RecoupsDespite outrageous claims from producers that Jeremy Piven’s departure would prevent the play from turning a profit, it’s recouped its initial investment.
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    Ben Brantley Just Thrilled About Jeremy Piven’s Mercury PoisoningBrantley: ‘Is it too late to send a thank you note to Jeremy Piven?’
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    Heartless Speed-the-Plow Producers Seek Money From Ailing Jeremy PivenThe play’s investors are hoping to ‘squeeze some money out of him’ because he ruined ‘our chances of making a profit.’