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  1. secrets and lies
    How Everyone on Younger Discovered Liza’s SecretA complete timeline of how publishing’s worst-kept secret was revealed.
  2. season renewals
    Younger Renewed for Seventh Season of Publishing Gossip and Statement JewelryBring on more book drama.
  3. roll clip!
    Hilary Duff Faces the Wrath of the Approval Matrix in This Younger ClipLowbrow-despicable? Uh-oh.
  4. Sutton Foster Gushes Over Younger Director Miriam Shor“She’s a complete natural.”
  5. tv review
    Younger Is Still a Fizzy, Guiltless Pleasure in Season 6The TV Land series may have lost some urgency around the matter of Liza’s Big Secret, but it’s still as smart and fun as ever.
  6. roll clip!
    Please Enjoy Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff Belting ‘9 to 5’ in This Younger Clip“After the fourth or fifth hour, we started getting claustrophobic, but it was a really awesome day,” Foster told us.
  7. trailer mix
    Younger Season 6 Trailer: Your Summer TV Love Is Almost BackPremiering June 12.
  8. broadway
    Sutton Foster Will Return to Broadway As Marian in Hugh Jackman’s The Music ManThe show opens October 2020.
  9. the art of the scene
    Younger Showrunner Darren Star Knows That Sex Scene Was a ‘Long Time Coming’“They were really seeing each other as two adults.”
  10. chat room
    Younger’s Sutton Foster on Why Liza’s Secret Will ‘Blow Up’ in Season 5“The show can exist where Liza lying about her age is no longer a secret.”
  11. season premieres
    Why Younger Finally Decided to Drop That Big Bombshell“We wanted to start the season with a bang.”
  12. exclusive
    Younger Season 5 Trailer: We’ve Got Ourselves Some Love Triangles!Liza is juggling a bunch of boos.
  13. roll clip!
    Younger Will Return on June 5, Obviously With a Reese Witherspoon JokeWe’d love to know what Reese thinks about the sex scenes in Marriage Vacation.
  14. Younger Showrunner Darren Star on Team Charles, Team Josh, and the Season Finale“I always say I’m Team Liza. I don’t think her happiness is dependent on either of those guys.”
  15. Younger Stars on Lying About Their Ages to Get Acting Jobs in HollywoodSutton Foster: “I have never felt the need to lie about it. I feel proud to be 42.”
  16. tv review
    Younger Returns With Its Deceit IntactTV Land’s escapist comedy finds even more juice in Liza’s big lie.
  17. vulture compendium
    Every Single Literary Reference on YoungerSo many publishing puns. 
  18. chat room
    Sutton Foster on Younger’s Big Season Finale“Why is she still doing this? That’s going to be a really big question in season four.”
  19. theater review
    Theater Review: Can Sweet Charity Still Work?A cheery-prostitute musical has an inherent problem.
  20. chat room
    Molly Bernard on Younger, Sutton Foster Fan Mail“I didn’t want to really play a part where I’m talking about Sutton Foster’s bush on national television. I respect her too much!”
  21. party chat
    Darren Star on Why Younger Killed Off Thad in the Season FinaleConstruction debris ex machina. 
  22. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert and Sutton Foster Parody CatsNow with songs about vomit!
  23. trailer mix
    Watch the Younger Season 3 TrailerReturning September 28.
  24. party chat
    Sutton Foster on Her Gilmore Girls RoleReally, is there any other kind?
  25. hype
    Sutton Foster on Being in Gilmore Girls RevivalAlso “surreal.”
  26. casting couch
    Sutton Foster Joins Netflix’s Gilmore GirlsDon’t you miss Bunheads?
  27. trailer mix
    Younger Season Two Trailer: Kissing Hotties Keeps Sutton Foster YoungKissing!
  28. set visits
    On Set With the Women of Younger“As an actor, you hope that you can navigate growing older. We can’t all be the young, pretty ingénue forever.”
  29. party chat
    That Time Sutton Foster Made a Fake Résumé to Try to Get a Part in RentShe fibbed to seem less experienced.
  30. coming attractions
    Watch Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff in YoungerPlus Debi Mazar.
  31. chat room
    Amy Sherman-Palladino on Violet’s Sutton Foster“We had a weird bond with Sutton that we don’t always have with everybody we work with.”
  32. stage dive
    Theater Review: In Violet, an Unlovely Accident Yields a Lovely Musical“Great resonance and beauty and joy.”
  33. pilots 2014
    Sutton Foster, Hilary Duff Headed to TV Land In Younger, from Darren Star.
  34. casting couch
    Hilary Duff Joins Sutton Foster in YoungerOn TVLand.
  35. casting couch
    Sutton Foster to Star in Violet on BroadwayIt’s about time.
  36. chat room
    Sutton Foster and Kelly Bishop Talk Bunheads Which one of them has never done a real shot before?
  37. casting couch
    Gilmore Girls’ Kelly Bishop Joins Gilmore Girls Creator’s ShowGilmore Girls reunion!
  38. pickups
    ABC Family Picks Up Sutton Foster–Led DramaFrom Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman Palladino.
  39. party chat
    Dating Sutton Foster Has Made Bobby Cannavale a Dog PersonBut don’t get him started on the poop scooping.
  40. tonys 2011
    See All the Red-Carpet Looks From the 2011 Tony AwardsThey’re appropriately theatrical.
  41. stage dive
    Theater Review: Everything’s Right With Anything GoesIt’s de-lovely.
  42. stage dive
    Stage Dive: Theater Critic Scott Brown’s Ten Most Anticipated ProductionsPee-Wee Herman, a sort of ‘Star Trek’ invasion, and Sutton Foster singing “I Get a Kick Out of You” are a few of the expected delights of the upcoming season.
  43. broadway
    Anything Goes Returning To BroadwaySutton Foster to star in the revival.
  44. chat room
    Shrek the Musical’s Sutton Foster on the Grave Seriousness of Onstage Farting’Brian and I were taking it very seriously, like, ‘This is a very serious scene of farting!”
  45. countdown
    ‘Shrek’ the Musical Not As Bad As We Expected?’It’s decent!’ raves one source. Even though the actor playing Farquaad spends the entire show on his knees.
  46. the industry
    A Match Made in Noir Heaven: Clive Owen, Frank Miller, Raymond Chandler
  47. the industry
    Mel Brooks Assembles Monster Cast for ‘Young Frankenstein’