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  1. crime
    A$AP Rocky Found Guilty, Will Not Face Jail Time for Assault in SwedenHe will only pay a fine.
  2. crime
    A$AP Rocky Released From Swedish Jail Pending VerdictThe final decision will be announced on August 14.
  3. crime
    A$AP Rocky Pleads Not Guilty to Swedish Assault ChargesThe trial begins in Stockholm.
  4. crime
    A$AP Rocky Fan Arrested After Threatening the Swedish EmbassyThe woman allegedly threatened to “blow this motherf—er up.”
  5. crime
    A$AP Rocky Formally Charged With Assault in SwedenBoth he and the two men arrested with him will face trial soon.
  6. crime
    A$AP Rocky to Remain in Swedish Jail for Another WeekThe court called him a “flight risk.”
  7. arrests
    A$AP Rocky Held in Swedish Detention Center for Two Weeks After Assault ArrestSwedish authorities deemed the rapper a flight risk.
  8. vulture lists
    10 Essential Swedish Horror FilmsExploring the Scandinavian nation’s great cinematic tradition.
  9. festivals
    Swedish Government Thinks Festival for Women Discriminated Against MenToday in how to completely miss the point.
  10. vulture lists
    A Guide to Swedish Indie Music Beyond RobynFrom Jens Lekman to Tove Lo.
  11. last night on late night
    Jennifer Garner Explains How She Got Lost in a Kayak in Sweden“I was like, la la la, let’s sing Mamma Mia! We’re in Sweden.”
  12. bob dylan
    Bob Dylan to Pick Up Nobel Prize This Weekend, As He Happens to Be in StockholmThe singer-songwriter will meet with the Swedish Academy to receive his Nobel medal and diploma.
  13. last night on late night
    Colbert Says ‘Never Fjorget’ Swedes Not Hurt in Nonexistent Terrorism IncidentPresident Trump mentioned the Swedish attack, which never happened, at a rally.
  14. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Joins the Whole Population of Sweden in Making Fun of TrumpAlso, there’s a meatloaf price to pay in being friends with Trump.
  15. Check Out a Sketch Kevin Hart Made with a Comedy Group from SwedenKevin Hart recently did something a little different to promote his latest film Ride Along 2 by teaming up with Swedish comedy group […]
  16. eurovision
    Swedish Pop Singer Wins 60th Eurovision ContestHost country Austria earned zero points, even with a flaming piano.
  17. Jordan Klepper Meets Sweden’s New Prime Minister Stefan LöfvenIn the hopes of fixing some of our government’s problems back home, The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper recently took a trip to Sweden to meet its […]
  18. swedish exports
    Robyn Got a Swedish StampShe deserves it.
  19. Swedish TV Renews Greg and Amy Poehler’s ‘Welcome to Sweden’ for Season 2Welcome to Sweden, the Swedish sitcom Amy Poehler is producing that was created by and stars her brother Greg, was renewed  for a second season […]
  20. women
    Swedish Movie Theaters Add a Bechdel RatingShouts to Sweden.
  21. NBC Buys a Swedish Sitcom from Amy Poehler and Her BrotherNBC has bought the rights to a Welcome To Sweden, a sitcom produced by Amy Poehler and her brother Greg. The show, which was the first […]
  22. sibling non-rivalries
    Amy Poehler and Her Brother Started a Swedish TV Production CompanyHow do you say “cute” in Swedish? “Borg”?
  23. Amy Poehler and Her Brother Are Producing a TV Show in SwedenAmy Poehler is getting into the international TV business. THR reports that Poehler and her brother Greg have sold an English-language show to […]
  24. Sweden Says ‘Nej’ to Stephen Colbert (Nej Means No)Two weeks ago, Stephen Colbert embarked on a mission to run the Swedish national twitter account, @Sweden. And after much debate, Sweden made […]
  25. Stephen Colbert Makes His Last Appeal to Sweden The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive Sweden announced it’s going to […]
  26. Sweden Is Preparing to Hand Over its Twitter Keys to Stephen Colbert Next […]Sweden, which has gotten all sorts of fun publicity by allowing its citizens to take over its @sweden twitter account with what seems like no […]
  27. Colbert’s Mission to Take Over @Sweden Continues Last week, Stephen Colbert announced his mission to take over Sweden’s official Twitter account, @Sweden. As the above video suggests, he […]
  28. Colbert Is on a Mission To Control Part of Sweden Well, a very small part of Sweden – its Twitter account. If you aren’t familiar, Sweden has started handing off @Sweden to a new citizen every […]
  29. eurovision 2012
    Listen to the Winning Song From Eurovision 2012“Euphoria,” by Sweden’s Loreen.
  30. sweden
    Watch a Supercut of Swedish References in American Pop CultureIt is true about the meatballs at Ikea, though.
  31. clickables
    Watch Big Boi Explain Jeggings to a Scandinavian GentlemanThis video was taken in Sweden, but the guy is Norwegian, we think.
  32. clickables
    Watch ‘What Are You Listening To?’ Videos From Spain, Sweden, and BrazilThe man-on-the-street game goes international.
  33. clickables
    Check Out This Very Cool Swedish Street Art IllusionHere’s “Mind Your Step,” by Erik Johansson.
  34. Sweden Is the Latest Country to Get Its Own Version of The OfficeApparently, it is impossible to enjoy The Office unless all of its characters and jokes have been localized to your country. While the Chinese […]
  35. clickables
    Watch the Trailer for Las Palmas, Starring Puppets and a Triumphantly Drunk Baby“An ingenious hybrid of Sällskapsresan and ‘Easy Rider.’”
  36. the girl with the dragon tattoo
    Hollywood Embracing Sweden’s Lisbeth SalanderCampaign will push for Noomi Rapace for Best Actress.
  37. music
    Swedish Policeman Dances to the Knife on DutyThe Knife is Swedish, too.
  38. the industry
    Hugh Jackman, Rachel Weisz, and Robert Pattinson Party Like It’s 1859Plus: Nicole Kidman bounces on Woody Allen; Sarah Palin’s book deal.