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Sweet Valley High

  1. Trump’s ‘Sweet Valley High’ Spec Novel Notes, by Kit Lively Donna is a smart, beautiful, popular girl. Really, really big boobs, maybe? But they let her be head cheerleader anyway, because she can do […]
  2. singing
    Diablo Cody’s Sweet Valley High Might Be a MusicalSuggested song title: “Jessica is the worst!”
  3. Get Ready for Diablo Cody’s ‘Wonderfully Nostalgic’ Sweet Valley HighThe director of Juno and the teenage dream book series Sweet Valley High sounds like an okay match I GUESS. Oh, what’s that? Diablo Cody says […]
  4. nostalgia
    The Depressing Lessons of Sweet Valley ConfidentialOur hearts go out to Elizabeth Wakefield.
  5. nostalgia
    An Assessment of the Forthcoming Sweet Valley High SequelElizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are ten years out of high school in the forthcoming ‘Sweet Valley Confidential.’
  6. the industry
    J.J. Abrams: The Best Medicine?Plus: Zeta-Jones! Spielberg! ‘Bring It On: The Musical!’
  7. the take
    ‘Sweet Valley High’ Updates Bury the Wakefield Twins in CavalliLiz & Jess were never meant to be contemporary, never mind middle-class West Coast Gossip Girls.