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  1. Sharknado Saga to End Where It Began Thanks to Time-Traveling 6th MovieThe last movie will be like a history lesson starring Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Noah’s ark, Nazis, dinosaurs, and a lot of hungry sharks.
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    Sharknado 5 Is Headed to Syfy in a Very Quick and Circular MotionThe film will shoot across five countries.
  3. vulture tv awards
    Vulture TV Awards: Best Batshit TVA star of Sharknado 2 on the joys of Sharknado.
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    9 Guffaw-Inspiring GIFs From Syfy’s RoboCrocThank you, Syfy.
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    Experience Syfy’s Ghost Shark in 13 Terrifyingly Awesome GIFsA baker’s dozen GIF-y shark images for you.
  6. Sharknado: Syfy’s Strategy: Amazing Titles Only“We would never do just a straight tornado movie.”
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    Syfy’s Sharknado in Five GIFsThere were sharks in a tornado, FYI.