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  1. vulture recommends
    Channel Zero Is the Scariest Horror Show You’re Not WatchingA rich, gorgeous, and astonishingly frightening anthology series.
  2. tv review
    Nightflyers Is a Space PlodysseyThe adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s sci-fi horror novella only delivers in fits and starts.
  3. vulture festival la
    Lana Condor Had to Hold Onto Her Wig for Her Deadly Class Fight ScenesShe’s very happy she cut her hair.
  4. new shows
    Syfy Is Making an Animated Late-Night Show Starring Will Forte and Heidi GardnerThey’ll voice alien news anchors named Drexx Drudlarr and Tuva Van Void.
  5. trailer mix
    Channel Zero: The Dream Door Trailer Reminds You This Is The Scariest Show on TVOh, nope!
  6. trailer mix
    Usher In the End of an Era With The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time Trailer“Based on the incredible true story.”
  7. chat room
    Wynonna Earp Star Melanie Scrofano Doesn’t Want You Calling Her Show ‘Cheesy’“I am learning to trust that there is an audience who will get it, and an audience who won’t.”
  8. fandom
    How Wynonna Earp Built the World’s Nicest TV FandomIn an era of toxic fans, what makes Earpers so unique is their tremendous capacity for kindness and inclusion.
  9. Sharknado Saga to End Where It Began Thanks to Time-Traveling 6th MovieThe last movie will be like a history lesson starring Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Noah’s ark, Nazis, dinosaurs, and a lot of hungry sharks.
  10. trailer mix
    Syfy’s Nightflyers Trailer: George R.R. Martin Presents Space“It’s Psycho in space.” Well, don’t mind if we do.
  11. series order
    George R.R. Martin’s Sci-Fi Novella Nightflyers Is Getting Adapted by SyFyThe series will star Gretchen Mol.
  12. tv review
    Happy! Strikes a Winking Macho PoseIt’s as if Mickey Rourke’s character from Sin City had been pasted into Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  13. The Profane, Insane Plan to Make SyFy’s Happy! the Weirdest Show on TVWhat happens when you make a TV show with Christopher Meloni, Patton Oswalt, and a talking CGI unicorn?
  14. what could have been
    Of Course Donald Trump Almost Played the President in Sharknado 3He reportedly threatened to “shut the entire show down” after they replaced him with Mark Cuban.
  15. these reboots were made for walking
    Kevin Bacon’s Tremors Reboot Pilot Wriggles Over to SyFyGet. Reba.
  16. pilot orders
    Syfy Is Bringing the Space Madness of George R.R. Martin’s Nightflyers to TVThe novella focuses on an expedition to the edge of the solar system.
  17. sequels forever
    Sharknado 5 Is Headed to Syfy in a Very Quick and Circular MotionThe film will shoot across five countries.
  18. tv review
    SyFy’s Channel Zero Is Yet Another Horror Show Obsessed With the PastThe anthology series isn’t quite the new Stranger Things, but it definitely falls in the same retro horror subgenre.
  19. adaptations
    Brave New World TV Show in the Works at SyfyA Grant Morrison comic is also in development for adaptation.
  20. cancellations
    Syfy Cancels Extraterrestrial-Terrorist Drama Hunters After One SeasonThe ratings weren’t great, and the reviews weren’t much better.
  21. Sleepy Hollow EP Tapped as Krypton ShowrunnerA pilot deal at Syfy is close.
  22. bye bye bye zombies
    Dead 7 Trailer Features ’N Sync, Backstreet BoysAnd O-Town too?!
  23. syfy gifcaps
    Syfy’s Sharknado in Five GIFsThere were sharks in a tornado, FYI.
  24. scheduling snafus
    Networks and Studios Scramble to Reschedule Violent ProgrammingAmerican Dad, Family Guy, and Haven all bumped in the wake of the Newtown shooting. 
  25. unnecessary remakes
    Syfy Considering a Waterworld TV SeriesWell, pinch my gills and call me the Mariner.
  26. opposite worlds
    Syfy Picks Up a Dystopian Survivor-Meets-Big Brother KnockoffWith some fake time travel thrown in. 
  27. multitasking
    M. Night Shyamalan Has a TV Show for SyfyCalled Proof, about verifying life after death.
  28. you're welcome
    Adorkazilla and Sixteen Other Suggestions for Trendy Syfy MoviesAfter Jersey Shore Shark Attack, the network will be looking for more TV hits to bloody up.
  29. reality tv
    Syfy Green-lights Set-Design Reality Contest ShowFrom the producers of the makeup contest series Face Off.
  30. tv ratings
    Sharktopus Outdraws Mad Men, DexterIt’s a golden age for television drama, but it’s an even golden-er age for cheesy Syfy monster movies.
  31. the industry
    Syfy Swaps Out Twilight Zone for The Greatest American Hero, and the Geeks RevoltShut-in sci-fi purists will have to find a new way to spend their Fourth of July.
  32. movies
    Watch a Delightful New Trailer for Mega PiranhaSomething has gone wrong in the Amazon, hilariously.
  33. movies
    See a Clip From the SyFy Channel’s Hilarious Mega PiranhaIt airs April 10, but here’s a delightful sneak peek.
  34. movies
    See a Funny Clip From Roger Corman’s DinosharkWaaait for it …
  35. quote machine
    Robert Pattinson Really Hates VaginasPlus: Prepare yourself for ‘SHARKTOPUS’!
  36. the industry
    Zachary Quinto to Do His Best GershwinPlus: Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence together at last!
  37. the industry
    Larry Charles to Make NBC Even NerdierPlus: Old people singing and robots!
  38. the industry
    Jeffrey Tambor is Getting AnxiousPlus: Ben Kingsley! Astronauts! Hippies!
  39. the industry
    Leonardo DiCaprio and Ridley Scott Try the SomaPlus: Laura Dern and Mike White get ‘Enlightened’ on HBO.
  40. murketing
    Sci Fi Becomes Syfy: Why?This sounds like the dopiest idea ever to touch down on planet Earth.
  41. the industry
    Will Smith Does SyfyPlus: Anvil is totally going to be famous soon.
  42. ben silverman
    Ben Silverman Shown Up by Pro Wrestling, Monk RerunsThe NBC-owned USA Network was watched by more people in prime time over the past three months than any cable network in history.
  43. the industry
    Nicolas Cage to ‘Kick’ McLovin’s ‘Ass’Plus: The best movie of the year gets a distributor. It stars Jean-Claude Van Damme.
  44. countdown
    ‘Battlestar’: Your Political Cheat SheetWait … now the Cylons are America and the humans are Iraq?
  45. chat room
    Michael Hogan on Playing Tigh on ‘Battlestar,’ Hating Cylons, and Hearing Music in His Head“Ron Moore’s standing over my shoulder saying, ‘NO! DON’T YOU SAY THAT!’”
  46. countdown
    ‘Battlestar Galactica’: The Internet Teases — and Spoils — Season FourWho’s a Cylon now? What’s up with Starbuck’s Viper? Will they ever find Earth? Who’s gonna DIE?
  47. the industry
    Almodóvar’s ‘All About My Mother’ Heads to the Old Vic