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  1. creed ii
    Dolph Lundgren’s Long Road Back to Ivan Drago and Creed IIHe was huge. He hit the skids. Is it worth the comeback if he has to revisit the role that was his greatest burden?
  2. demolition man
    In Praise of Demolition Man’s Wackadoo LibertarianismThe underappreciated action-movie gem turns 25 this week.
  3. trailer mix
    Creed II Trailer: Boxing, Babies, and Hallelujah Michael B. Jordan’s Arms!We missed them.
  4. Justin Hartley on Kevin’s Transformation in This Is UsPlus, what it was like working with Sylvester Stallone.
  5. #metoo
    Sylvester Stallone Sexual Assault Case Being Reviewed by L.A. District AttorneyThe alleged incident occurred in the ‘80s but the actor “categorically disputes the claim.”
  6. movies
    Sylvester Stallone To Take On Mexican Drug Cartel in Rambo 5We bet he’ll use guns.
  7. rape
    Report: Sylvester Stallone Is Being Investigated for a 1990 Rape AccusationHe reportedly plans to accuse the woman of filing a false police report.
  8. director's chair
    Creed 2 Tags Steven Caple Jr. to Replace Sylvester Stallone As Director“I am confident that he and Michael B. Jordan will hit it out of the park!” Stallone said.
  9. sexual assault
    Sylvester Stallone Denies Sexually Assaulting a 16-Year-Old in 1986He allegedly forced the girl into a threesome with his bodyguard at a Las Vegas hotel in 1986.
  10. sabotage
    Arnold Schwarzenegger Tricked Sly Stallone Into Doing Stop! Or My Mom Will ShootSchwarzenegger used his epic rivalry with Stallone to sabotage the other actor’s career.
  11. guardians of the galaxy vol 2
    How Marvel Got Sylvester Stallone (and Those Secret Stars) to Join Guardians 2“It was just a fun thing we asked him to come to, with the thought of, Wouldn’t it be cool if we could do more down the line?”
  12. last night on late night
    Cast Confirms Sylvester Stallone Is in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on Kimmel“Can I say Tango and Cash are in this movie?”
  13. dream big
    Sylvester Stallone Might Be Leaving The Expendables, Which Might Be for the BestExpendables creator Sylvester Stallone could be leaving the franchise over creative differences.
  14. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Netflix’s BeastmasterThe site’s first competition series arrives February 24.
  15. casting couch
    S. Stallone to Direct and Star With Adam Driver Tough As They Come tells the true story of Army staff sergeant Travis Mills.
  16. trump administration
    Sylvester Stallone Is ‘Flattered’ by That Trump Administration RumorBut the actor said he’s better suited for something else.
  17. reboots
    Another Rambo Reboot Is in the WorksFrom Ariel Vromen.
  18. Sylvester Stallone Is Developing a TV Comedy Series Called ‘Pizza Guy’If you like Sylvester Stallone and pizza, today is your lucky day, because according to The A.V. Club, Stallone is currently developing a […]
  19. the industry
    Sylvester Stallone to Star in Mafia TV SeriesRevenge is a dish best served cold, Adriaaaaaan.
  20. oscar futures
    Could We See an Oscar Upset in the Supporting Actor and Actress Races?Or are Sylvester Stallone and Alicia Vikander locked and loaded?
  21. party chat
    Sylvester Stallone Considered Boycotting This Year’s Oscars Ceremony“I really do owe everything to [Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan].”
  22. golden globes 2016
    Stallone Forgot to Thank Ryan Coogler and MBJHe reportedly ran back onstage during the commercial break to do so.
  23. golden globes 2016
    Watch Sylvester Stallone’s Golden Globes Speech“I want to thank my imaginary friend Rocky Balboa for being the best friend I ever had.”
  24. sequels
    Stallone Wants Carl Weathers for Creed Sequel“Think of The Godfather 2.”
  25. casting couch
    Sylvester Stallone Cast in Nice Little Non-Expendables Indie FilmJohn Herzfeld’s Reach Me.
  26. false alarms
    Sly Stallone Says Nic Cage Not in Expendables 3Cancel those ticket preorders, y’all.
  27. casting couch
    Nicolas Cage to Join The ExpendablesWhich is just as good as Clint Eastwood, right?
  28. in the works
    It Will Be De Niro Versus Stallone in Grudge MatchRocky finally squares off against Jake La Motta.
  29. cash money
    The Time Javier Bardem Asked Sylvester Stallone for Acting AdviceActing advice. Sort of.
  30. last night on late night
    Dax Shepard Ripped On Stallone, SchwarzeneggerPlus: Kirsten Dunst demonstrated a technique from the Alison Janney school of drunk acting, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  31. vulture quiz
    Quiz: Which Cheesy-Action Movie One-Liners Are Real and Which Are Fake?Yipee-kai-yay … takethisquiz!
  32. clickables
    See a Trailer for Stallone’s Bullet to the HeadSo many clichés.
  33. explosions
    Movie Review: Why Isn’t The Expendables 2 More Insane?This sequel is aggressively dumb, aggressively macho, and just plain aggressively aggressive.
  34. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Santigold Sings From Two MouthsPlus: Thomas Haden Church has a pet deer, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  35. the tomb
    See a Still From The TombStars in stripes!
  36. casting
    James Franco Joins Jason Statham MovieAnd it’s written by Sylvester Stallone!
  37. sad things
    Sylvester Stallone’s Son Found DeadThe cause of 36-year-old Sage Stallone’s death is unknown so far. 
  38. the tomb
    Sneak Peek of The TombJust forward the video to your dad and call it a day.
  39. trailer mix
    The Expendables 2 Trailer: Hemsworth, Norris, and Van Damme Suit UpMeet the new recruits.
  40. supercuts
    Watch a Supercut of Movie Characters Suiting Up for BattleThem be fighting words.
  41. casting couch
    Amy Ryan and 50 Cent Join Schwarzenegger and Stallone’s The TombThis is one interesting assembly of actors.
  42. See a Remarkably Shirtless Sylvester Stallone in Bullet to the HeadThe 65-year-old action star is the same age as Cher, and as this new photo proves, both have found a way to turn back time.
  43. Expendables 2 Trailer: Sly Has Some New RecruitsChuck Norris!
  44. accidents
    Stuntman Killed on Expendables 2 Shoot IdentifiedMore details on last week’s fatal accident.
  45. beefs
    Thomas Jane Suggests Race, Penis Size Got Him Fired From Stallone’s New Movie“I was a little upset about that.”
  46. twitter
    Did Sylvester Stallone Just Tweet That Obama Is a ‘Manchurian Candidate’?“I voted did you? Gotta get the Manchurian Candidate out of the drivers seat before were ALL soaring off a cliff into Oblivion.”
  47. just say no
    Mark Zuckerberg, Sylvester Stallone, Ann Coulter Would Not Dance With the StarsAnd neither would Condoleezza Rice.
  48. the expendables
    Conservative Moviegoers Torn Over The ExpendablesSome conservatives can’t decide if the film is super-patriotic or anti-American.
  49. the industry
    How Expendables and Eat Pray Love Topped PilgrimLionsgate’s elderly ensemble actioner ‘Expendables’ took the top position with $35 million.
  50. vulture lists
    The Fifteen Things Eat Pray Love and The Expendables Have in CommonIncluding: tropical-island locales, existential crises, and therapy talk.
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