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T Pain

  1. right-click
    Alanis Morissette Returns!It’s like 1993 all over again!
  2. the industry
    Michael Clarke Duncan to Beat the Crap Out of Some ComediansPlus: David Talbert, Usher, and Salman Rushdie!
  3. quote machine
    T-Pain, Too, Makes Glorious Discoveries in the Airport BathroomPlus: David Cross’s long explanation for how he ended up in Alvin and the Chipmunks.
  4. art candy
    No DancingThough our buddy here looks like he’s rocking out Footloose style, artist Robert Longo actually captured these jilted, erratic poses by pelting his subjects with tennis balls.
  5. right-click
    Lupe Fiasco Triumphs Over Lame Beats!Great new songs from Twista and Christina Milian. Plus a bad one by Kenna!
  6. right-click
    Beastie Boys, What the Funk?!?