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  1. casting couch
    T.R. Knight Joins The Catch, Returns to the Warm Embrace of ShondalandBambi is back!
  2. casting couch
    Anna Paquin to Star in ABC Legal DramaBut a divorce attorney is kind of similar to a vampire.
  3. casting couch
    There’s Life After Shondaland: T.R. Knight Joins Stephen King’s 11/22/63As Johnny Clayton.
  4. stage dive
    Theater Review: A Very Chilly Life in the TheatreDavid Mamet’s play is performed, word perfect, by Patrick Stewart and T.R. Knight. And that’s the problem.
  5. the industry
    Justin Bartha to Flex His PipesPlus: ‘The Addams Family’ and zombies!
  6. hope
    Grey’s Anatomy: George Lives! Maybe!“That’s not George … Look at his feet! Look how tall he is!”
  7. quitters
    Work-Loving T.R. Knight Quit Grey’s Anatomy Over Lack of Screen TimeWhile Katherine Heigl complains about seventeen-hour workdays, T.R. Knight says he left the show because he wasn’t being worked hard enough.
  8. the industry
    George Clooney Dumps Warner Bros.Plus: Day man! Fighter of the Night Man!
  9. departures
    Dr. O’Malley: DeadT.R. Knight has been let out of his contract, says Michael Ausiello.
  10. look both ways
    Prognosis Negative for Dr. O’MalleyAccording to reports, T.R. Knight will not return to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ in the fall.
  11. overnights
    Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale: A Betrayal — and a RevelationWhy didn’t we weep last night? And why can’t we wait for the next season, anyway?
  12. So About the Ending of Last Night’s Grey’s AnatomySo who survived?
  13. T.R. Knight Shipping Out on Grey’s Anatomy?Katherine Heigl’s brain-tumored Doctor Stevens isn’t the only ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ MD unsure of how her fate will play out, hilariously.
  14. miracles
    Katherine Heigl’s Brain Tumor May Be Curable, Claims Grey’s Anatomy CreatorKatherine Heigl and T.R. Knight will stay with the show, says Shonda Rhimes.
  15. departures
    Katherine Heigl’s Brain Tumor Likely Terminal, Claims Co-StarKatherine Heigl and T.R. Knight are definitely out at ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ says their co-star.
  16. actors
    Grey’s Anatomy Writers: A Brain Tumor Would Be Too Good for T.R. KnightFollowing yesterday’s reports that T.R. Knight had walked off the set comes word that ABC is letting him out of his contract.
  17. actors
    T.R. Knight Angling for a Brain TumorActor-writer relations continue to deteriorate behind the scenes of ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ as T.R. is rumored to have walked off the set.
  18. quote machine
    Crispin Glover Invites You to Creepiest Thanksgiving Celebration EverPlus: Quotes from T.R. Knight and Joshua Ferris!