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Taio Cruz

  1. mashups
    Watch ‘Tra$h Ma$h,’ a Mash-Up of Pop Songs Sung by Fancy Choir Australian VoicesIt’s official: You’ll never hear Ke$ha the same way again.
  2. overnights
    American Idol Recap: Paul F. Tompkins Makes It to the Final Round Alive!“I am excited that it is the last two nights, but not about watching the last two nights. It’s like if you referred to the night before you had kidney stones removed as ‘Kidney Stone Eve.’”
  3. party lines
    Taio Cruz at the Z100 Jingle BallPlus: Selena Gomez, Mark Hoppus, Bruno Mars …
  4. music
    Hear J.Lo’s Leaked Taio Cruz Remix, ‘Dynamite’Not too impressive.