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  1. feuds
    Patty Jenkins Defends Wonder Woman on TwitterThe director says the “real lasso of truth” is time.
  2. takedowns
    This Open Letter Rages at Top Warner Bros. Execs“It’s time to wake up and make the fucking donuts, Kevin.”
  3. takedowns
    Larry Kramer Shames Roth for Supporting Trump“You are a very smart man. I cannot believe that you can possibly think Trump can run this country.”
  4. takedowns
    Mac Miller Visits The Nightly Show to Deliver a Scathing Trump Takedown“I love America, and I’m never giving it up to a troll like you, you bitch.”
  5. takedowns
    Russell Brand Publishes Awards Show TakedownHis Guardian op-ed about being kicked out of British GQ’s Man of the Year after-party is masterfully mean.
  6. takedowns
    10 Things I Hate About You Star Tasered and Cuffed… when his too-loud house party was broken up.
  7. takedowns
    New York Times Review Eviscerates New York Times Documentary’Page One’ “is, in a word, a mess.”