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  1. exclusive
    Watch Jennifer Garner Use Her Very Particular Set of Skills in Peppermint ClipKarma can be a real mother.
  2. trailer mix
    Taken TV Series Trailer: This Time It’s a Little Less PersonalSame guy finding people, different people getting taken.
  3. movies
    Taken Director to Helm Thriller Big Stone GridThe director has a very particular set of skills. Skills acquired over a long career.
  4. liam neeson
    The Eight Most Questionable Liam Neeson Impressions on YouTubeChoose your favorite!
  5. ellen
    Ellen DeGeneres Calls Liam Neeson; He Is Not Pleased“Not ‘ransom,’ ’handsome!’”
  6. mockery
    Stolen Joins Ranks of Most Easily Mockable Movie TitlesStolen was stolen from Taken.
  7. taken
    Watch ‘Taken Nemo,’ a Finding NemoTaken Mash-UpUnderwater caper!
  8. taken
    See What Taken Would Be Like With a Real DadFriggin’ GPS!
  9. movie review
    Movie Review: Another Thrill Ride for Liam Neeson in UnknownThe movie is lean and fast and endlessly upending, and unlike most modern crash-and-bash films, you can actually follow the car chases and fisticuffs.
  10. vulture lists
    8 Avenging Dads, From Taken to RansomGoing by body count, which movie has the madder dad: ‘Death Wish’ or ‘Gladiator’? ‘Ransom’ or ‘Taken’?
  11. the industry
    Who Will Be America’s Next Top Janet Jackson?Plus: Matthew Perry returns to television, and, at last, Toby Keith is coming to the big screen.