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  1. david letterman
    David Letterman on Trump, Women Late-Night Hosts“You’ve got two Jimmies and a Stephen, I don’t know.”
  2. talk
    What Song Did You Hear the Most This Holiday Weekend?You guys big on Eurovision yet?
  3. talk
    Which Stars Would You Pair in a Romantic Comedy?Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler are making a movie, but who else would have chemistry?
  4. talk
    Should Texting Be Allowed at the Movies?What about special text-friendly showings?
  5. talk
    Who Should Play the Male Lead in the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie?Ian Somerhalder says he wants to.
  6. talk
    Which YA Novels Have the Silliest Character Names?Peeta, y’all.
  7. season 2 is coming
    Is Game of Thrones for Nerds?And only nerds?
  8. talk
    Is There a Lack of Great TV Dramas About Women?As the Drama Derby shakes out, we wonder where all the lady-centric shows are.
  9. talk
    What Game Show Would You Bring Back?Press Your Luck? Classic Concentration?
  10. talk
    Does This Mad Men Ad Campaign Offend You?People are upset that it appears to evoke 9/11.
  11. Review the Oscars in One SentenceLet ‘er rip.
  12. talk
    Did Great TV Ruin Good TV?Are too many shows trying, and failing, to be The Sopranos?
  13. talk
    Who Are TV’s Underrated Ensemble Players?Hank on Breaking Bad? Christine Baranski on The Good Wife?
  14. talk
    ‘Get Used to Me,’ Warns Chris Brown … But Can You Forgive Him?“DEAR MEDIA.. Ur plan is not working,” the singer tweets.
  15. talk
    Are You Optimistic About The Walking Dead?Or is it, er, dead to you?
  16. talk
    What Happened to Liz Lemon?Has 30 Rock sold itself out?
  17. talk
    How Long Do You Give Shows to Get Good?An episode? A season?
  18. Let’s Discuss the Cover of Vanity Fair’s Hollywood IssueIs it, y’know, racist?
  19. talk
    Did Gossip Girl Really Just Reveal the Identity of Gossip Girl?Or was that too easy?
  20. talk
    Which TV Character Deserves a Spinoff?Dwight Schrute? How about Lafayette from True Blood?
  21. talk
    Which Surprise Oscar Nominee Are You Rooting For?Nominate away!
  22. talk
    Which Older Movie Would You Want to See in 3-D?A 3-D Jurassic Park, anyone?
  23. talk
    What’s the Sweet Spot for Resurrecting a Franchise?Does the world need another Police Academy?
  24. What Was Your Favorite Movie of 2011?Time to tell us.
  25. What Should American Horror Story Do for Its Second Season?Can it still focus on that same haunted house?
  26. talk
    Did Lost End the ‘Golden Era’ of Television?Do we want too much suspense and mystery from our shows now?
  27. talk
    What’s the Best Holiday Episode Ever?Chrismukkah? Festivus? That bell one from Fraggle Rock?
  28. talk
    What Kind of Antihero Does the Boardwalk Empire Finale Make Nucky? Is he just another bad guy now?
  29. How Much Is Too Much Incest on TV?Three HBO shows?
  30. Which Oscar-Bait Movies Are Overrated and Underrated?Were you left cold by The Artist or The Descendants?
  31. talk
    What Similar-Looking Actors Should Play Siblings?Other than Dean Winters and Will Arnett?
  32. talk
    What Returning Winter Show Are You Looking Forward To?30 Rock? Justified? Eastbound & Down?
  33. talk
    What Shows Will You Be Catching Up On Over Thanksgiving?What’s burning a hole in your DVR?
  34. What Other Hipster Faves Should Play Zooey Deschanel’s Love Interest on New Girl?Other people in the Justin Long vein?
  35. Review Immortals in One SentenceIn doing so, you may craft something more considered than the movie’s screenplay.
  36. talk
    Who Should Host the Oscars?Billy Crystal, Neil Patrick Harris, Tina Fey, or someone far more outlandish?
  37. talk
    What Show Are You Trying to Convince Your Friends to Watch?Do you feel like your favorite show’s only fan?
  38. talk
    Which Pop-Culture Halloween Costumes Have You Seen This Year?How many Drivers have there been?
  39. talk
    Does the World Still Need Beavis and Butt-head?Can MTV go home again?
  40. talk
    What Did You Think of Once Upon a Time?Too much fairy-tale stuff? Or not enough fairy-tale stuff?
  41. talk
    Who Is Your Dream Saturday Night Live Host?Charlie Day, Emma Stone, and Jason Segel are all ‘SNL’-bound. Who should be next?
  42. talk
    What Is the Best Song Released in the Last Fifteen Years?NME says it’s by Radiohead.
  43. talk
    Who Should Star in Lifetime’s All-Black Steel Magnolias Remake?Major news!
  44. talk
    Are You Ready for The Simpsons to Be Over?Or do you want its noble spirit to embiggen you forever?
  45. talk
    Did American Horror Story Horrify You?In a good way? Or in a bad way?
  46. talk
    Was Suburgatory Heavenly, Hellish, or Somewhere in Between?What did you think of ABC’s new family comedy?
  47. talk
    Review Moneyball in One SentenceDid you manage to forget about the math?
  48. talk
    Boardwalk Empire, The Good Wife, and Pan Am: How Were Last Night’s Season and Series Premieres?What do you think of the current Sunday lineup?
  49. talk
    Whitney, Prime Suspect, Charlie’s Angels, and Person of Interest: What Did You Think About Last Night’s Debuts?Did ‘Whitney’ live down to your expectations?
  50. talk
    What Do You Make of The Office’s ‘New Boss’?Was it as anticlimactic for you as it was for us?
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