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    What Did You Think of Revenge and X Factor?Will either be on your regular Wednesday DVR schedule?
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    What Would You Put in New Girl’s ‘Douchebag Jar’?We nominate Adele’s ex-boyfriend.
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    How Would You Change the Emmys?More bits? Fewer musical numbers?
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    What Did You Think of Up All Night and Free Agents?What did you think of the new NBC comedies?
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    Let’s Play ‘Mel Gibson Writing a Jewish Hero Movie Is Like Who Doing What?’Fill in the blanks!
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    Should There Be a Reality-TV Code of Ethics?And is there a way to make networks adopt it?
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    Is Lady Gaga’s ‘Jo Calderone’ Character Interesting? Or Just Exhausting?He’s no meat dress.
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    Which Stormy Movies Will You Be Watching — or Avoiding — This Weekend?’The Day After Tomorrow,’ or ‘Singing in the Rain’?
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    Who Should Be in the Les Misérables Movie?There are fresh rumors about who may join the cast, but why not give your suggestions?
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    Which Books Simply Shouldn’t Be Made Into Movies?The adaptation of ‘One Day’ didn’t work, but why?
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    Did David Foster Wallace Inspire Bloggers’ ‘Worst Tendencies’?“Wallace’s moves have been adopted and further slackerized” by the Internet, apparently.
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    What Should Bravo Do in the Wake of the Real Housewives Suicide?Postpone the show, or cancel it altogether?
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    Review The Help in One Sentence’Help’ me ‘Help’ you.
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    So, Is The Help Racist?The new movie has sparked a lot of debate.
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    New Study Says Spoilers Increase Enjoyment: Does That Ring True?A new study indicates that you might like something even more after you’ve been spoiled.
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    Which Movie Stars Would Get Your Vote for President?Do you dream of a Damon/Affleck ticket?
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    Review Rise of the Planet of the Apes in One SentenceBe succinct, people.
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    What Might Brett Ratner Do for the Academy Awards?And will it involve Chris Tucker?
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    Was This the Meanest Bachelorette Season Ever?Is Ashley just a dope, or were producers super cruel?
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    Review Crazy, Stupid, Love in One SentenceAnd squealing over Ryan Gosling does not technically constitute a sentence.
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    Do People Still Care About Westerns?Why didn’t ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ do better?
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    Did Your Favorite Emmy Nominees Submit the Right Episodes?Jon Hamm and Steve Carell picked wisely, but did some other stars?
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    Should There Be a Harry Potter TV Show?’Hogwarts: The College Years’?
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    Who Should Write, Direct, and Star in the Inevitable News of the World Movie?This could be so good!
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    Review Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 In One SentenceOther than “sob, sob, sob.”
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    What Friday Night Lights Moment Made You Cry the Most?These are not clear eyes. These are red, puffy eyes.
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    Which Scene From the Harry Potter Books Do You Wish the Movies Had Included?Now’s your last chance to gripe about what went missing.
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    What Reality Show Is the Fakest?Where every scene and situation seems scripted.
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    Review Horrible Bosses in One SentenceFilthy? Or wonderfully filthy?
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    Is the Story of the ‘Happy Divorce’ Bad?Maybe we just need to wallow every now and then.
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    Is HBO’s Nudity Too Gratuitous?The channel’s penchant for flesh-baring has some pundits looking away.
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    Review Transformers: Dark of the Moon in One SentenceWhat did you think of Michael Bay’s latest monstrosity?
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    Is Lil B’s I’m Gay a Good Thing?The controversially titled album has dropped.
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    What YA Book Should Be Made Into a Movie Next?The world needs a good ‘Wrinkle in Time’ movie.
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    Review Bad Teacher in One SentenceWas it good-bad or bad-bad?
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    Do You See 3-D Movies in 2-D?Because it’s too expensive, or because you’re kinda over the whole 3-D thing?
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    Review Green Lantern in One SentenceDid it leave you seeing red?
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    When Stars Act Out, Does It Ruin Re-Watching Their Past Work?After Tracy Morgan’s controversy, have you lost your desire to Netflix old ‘30 Rock’ episodes?
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    Review Super 8 in One SentenceWhat’d you think of J.J. Abrams’s latest?
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    Why Is Midnight in Paris Such a Huge Hit?It’s poised to be Woody Allen’s biggest movie in decades.
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    Is X-Men: First Class ‘Blind to Race’?Is it a “period piece that seems blind to its own period”?
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    Does a Naked Rooney Mara Poster Undermine The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? [NSFW]And why does Europe get all the good movie posters?
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    Review X-Men: First Class in One SentenceDamon Lindelof and Brett Ratner have already had their shot.
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    Last Night’s The Killing: Love It or Hate It?Was “Missing” missing a little something, like a plot relevant to the central story of the series?
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    Should The Hunger Games Be Split Up Into Four Films?That’s what Lionsgate is teasing.
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    Are You Over Idol?It was such a lousy season, and yet it was so, so popular.
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    Do Modern Family’s Cam and Mitchell Even Like Each Other?All they do is cut each other down.
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    What Show Are You Getting Divorced From?People fall out of love. It happens.
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    What Are You Planning to Check Off Your Pop-Culture Bucket List Before the World Ends Tomorrow?What movies or books are you going to check out before the Rapture?
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    Review Bridesmaids in One SentenceShare your feelings, succinctly.
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