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  1. superlatives
    Jerry Harrison on the Legacy of Talking Heads’ Remain in Light, 40 Years Later“There are genre-defying junctures where without a particular record, music would not have gone in various directions. Remain in Light qualifies.”
  2. superlatives
    The Best and Worst of Talking Heads, According to Chris FrantzIncluding what his ideal reunion would be.
  3. respect the classics
    David Byrne Once Tried to Kick Tina Weymouth Out of Talking HeadsAnd other revelations from Chris Frantz’s new memoir.
  4. respect the classics
    The Rock Hall of Fame Is Uploading a Treasure Trove of Induction VideosFrom Talking Heads’ final performance to Prince’s exuberant acceptance speech.
  5. chat room
    David Byrne’s New Broadway Show Isn’t Autobiographical, But It’s ‘a Lot of Fun’He gives us an exclusive sneak peek at American Utopia, including the set list.
  6. the theater
    And You May Find Yourself Seeing David Byrne on Broadway!American Utopia is coming this fall.
  7. vulture lists
    The 50 Best Music Documentaries of All TimeFrom Woodstock to Beyoncé’s Homecoming, these films are as essential to understanding the artists as any of their records.
  8. David Byrne on His New Album and All the Reasons You Can Still be Cheerful“You watch out! You will be confronted at some point.”
  9. reunions
    David Byrne Shuts Down Talking Heads Reunion As a Silly ‘Nostalgia Exercise’“And I’m not interested in that.”
  10. right click
    Selena Gomez’s Revival Continues on New Talking Heads–Sampling SongDavid Byrne gave it his blessing.
  11. roll clip!
    Stephen Colbert Dares to Cover Talking Heads’ ‘Once in a Lifetime’ in Tight SuitSame as he ever was: fully committed to the job at hand.
  12. a once in a lifetime reunion
    David Byrne on a Potential Talking Heads Reunion“You can’t have it all.”
  13. the name of this band is test pattern
    Hear Hader, Armisen’s Talking Heads Parody AlbumIncluding the timeless jams “This Is My Street” and “Art + Student = Poor.”
  14. this ain't no party this ain't no disco this is tv
    Documentary Now! to Parody Stop Making SenseArmisen and Hader are up to some new tricks.
  15. dream collaborations
    Watch David Byrne and Arcade Fire PerformLove -> This Collaboration
  16. radio vulture
    Who Did the Best Talking Heads Cover at Last Night’s David Byrne Tribute?It was a night of yelpy singing, jittery dancing, and at least one comically oversize suit. 
  17. 100 years of new york music
    Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth on the ’70s, CBGB“There were a lot of really highly perceptive people in the scene, at CBGB, but there were also some real douche-nozzles.”
  18. shop talk
    Video: Watch Chris Gethard Shop With Dismemberment Plan’s Travis MorrisonThe indie-rock icon dishes on fashion and his influences with one of our favorite comedians.
  19. soundtracked
    What Does the Use of a Talking Heads Song Say About a Movie?Other than that the music supervisor has good taste.
  20. florence and the machine
    Florence + the Machine, ‘Wild Wild Life’Your move, Byrne.
  21. talking heads
    Comedy Showrunners Talk Twitter, Charlie Sheen, and PoliticsAnd much else.
  22. talking heads
    Seven Showrunners Talk Character Deaths, Taking Notes, and CursingYou can say Jesus H. Christ. Not Jesus Christ.
  23. chat room
    Tom Tom Club’s Chris Frantz on 30 Years of ‘Genius of Love’“Grandmaster Flash said, ‘You know you’re going to be hearing this [“Genius of Love”] beat a lot.’ And I said, ‘You think so?’”
  24. copyright
    David Byrne Sues the Governor of FloridaFor using a song without permission.
  25. talking heads
    VH1 Already Kicking Dirt on the Freshly Dug Grave of Paul F. TompkinsThe network is launching a new pop-culture show called ‘The Great Debate.’
  26. right-click
    Norah Jones Makes Arcade Fire Song Even More BoringMusic from Lupe Fiasco, Jason Isbell, and Heavy Trash.
  27. the take
    ‘The Atlantic’ Declares War on QuirkinessHey, you! Yeah, you, the “Gen-X indie” guy in Austin, Madison, or Adams Morgan with the ironic facial hair! Michael Hirschorn at The Atlantic has a problem with you and your insufferable quirkiness.