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    Martin Scorsese Swears He Just Couldn’t Find the Time to Make JokerHe also has some nice words about superhero movies.
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    ‘It’s A Lot of Money.’ Let’s Talk About That Mad Men Season FinaleAnd then we bid Mad Men adieu until next year.
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    The Veil Is Lifted on Game of Thrones’ Most Influential CharacterHe’s someone who rarely appears.
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    Obama Still Thinks Kanye Is a Jackass, If You Were Wondering“But he’s talented.”
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    The Conservative Messages Buried in This Fall’s Films’The Social Network’: A young entrepreneur starts a business, escapes a liberal university, and fires a Brazilian immigrant.
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    John Cusack’s ‘Shroom Publicity TourJohn had a blast in ‘86, and he wants everyone to know about it.