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Tanya Saracho

  1. q&a
    Vida Wasn’t Supposed to End This WayCreator Tanya Saracho went through “all the stages of grief” while making the final season of her groundbreaking show.
  2. vida
    How Vida Gave Its Second Season a One-of-a-Kind SoundA provocative, eclectic soundtrack of songs created for the show makes season two of the Starz series even more visceral and intimate than the first.
  3. tv review
    Vida’s Latinx, Queer Perspective Is More Distinctive, and Vital, Than EverWhat makes the Starz series groundbreaking TV is also what makes it very good TV.
  4. representation
    Why Are Latinx Stories Still So Rare on TV?The showrunners of One Day at a Time and Vida talk Hollywood, Latinx representation, and the “alchemy” of seeing yourself on TV.
  5. The Making of Vida’s ‘Radical’ Queer Sex Scene“To put two queer bodies having queer sex like this is a political act.”
  6. Inside TV’s First All-Latinx Writers’ RoomThe voices behind Starz’s new series, Vida, on what it’s like to work in a space where they have all the power.