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  1. bless his heart
    Ben Affleck Breaks His Silence on His Back Tattoo: He ‘Loves’ It!He knows he might be alone in this sentiment.
  2. mysteries
    What Exactly Is Henry Cavill Planning for His Dog? An InvestigationHe calls it the “final project.”
  3. reality tv
    Snooki Is Hosting a Show Where People Tattoo Each Other, Because ‘Trust’Permanent, schmermanent.
  4. vulture festival 2018
    Justin Theroux Would Like to Show You His Back TattooHe’s quite proud of it.
  5. return of kanye tweets
    Kanye West Has Returned to Twitter and He’s Giving You the Goods“Some people have to work within the existing consciousness while some people can shift the consciousness.”
  6. musings
    Ben Affleck Is ‘Doing Just Fine’ With His Terrible Back TattooThank you very much.
  7. bless his heart
    At Last! Matt Damon Breaks His Silence on Ben Affleck’s Back TattooBack tattoos are for the boys.
  8. exclusive
    See the Trailer for Facebook Watch’s Wild New Show The Tattoo ShopEach week one client gets a tattoo chosen by the Facebook viewers.
  9. modern feminism
    Happy Friday: Pete Davidson Debuts His Hillary Clinton TattooAnd the former secretary of State approves of his decision.
  10. ink
    Justin Bieber’s New Torso Tattoo Took Over 20 Hours to CompleteOuch.
  11. ed sheeran has a lot of tattoos
    Ed Sheeran’s ‘Galway Girl’ Video Reveals the Bad Tattoo Saoirse Ronan Gave HimSláinte!
  12. The Most Ill-Advised Tattoo Moments From Vanderpump Rules▶️ And yes, Jax Taylor is responsible for most of them.
  13. count olaf
    Neil Patrick Harris Celebrates More Unfortunate Events With First TattooNPH celebrated the show’s second-season renewal with Count Olaf–inspired ink.
  14. ed sheeran has a lot of tattoos
    Ed Sheeran Has a Lot of TattoosLet’s look at some of them.
  15. moth into flame
    Lady Gaga Will Remember Her Grammy Duet With Metallica Forever With a New TattooShe’s sporting a “Moth Into Flame” tattoo.
  16. the revenant
    Tom Hardy Lost a Bet, So He’s Getting a Crappy Leonardo DiCaprio Tattoo“Leo knows everything.”
  17. ink.
    Pretty Little Liars Actresses Get Matching TatsShhhhhhh.
  18. candy
    Shia LaBeouf Shows Ellen His Leg TattoosAw, Shia.
  19. tattoos
    Shia LaBeouf Got Two Tattoos of Missy Elliott The actors knees will now constantly be getting their freak on.
  20. tattoos
    Michael Douglas’s Son Cameron Has Weird TattoosWe’ll give you a bunch of guesses.
  21. lady gaga
    Lady Gaga Gets a David Bowie TattooIn advance of the Grammys.
  22. tattoos explained
    Watch Justin Bieber Explain His TattoosFrom a seagull to Selena Gomez.
  23. vulture investigates
    Is Ben Affleck’s Giant Back Tattoo of a Phoenix Real? An InvestigationWe don’t know what to believe.
  24. tattoo me!
    Judi Dench Has Harvey Weinstein’s Name Tattooed on Her AssDame Dench FTW.
  25. I Am Pleased to Inform You That Someone Now Has a Tattoo Inspired by You […]Dear Author, Congratulations! You must have done something right, because something you wrote has inspired someone to imprint an excerpted […]
  26. art
    The Best Art Tattoos of All TimeWe asked, you shared — here’s what we got. 
  27. tattoos
    Drake Got a Tattoo of the Prayer-Hands EmojiIf the @champagnepapi Instagram tag is to be believed.
  28. ink different
    Your Guide to TV’s Current Tattoo ObsessionHow do so many people wind up with accidental tattoos of penises?
  29. miley cyrus
    Meet An Adult Male Covered In Miley Cyrus TattoosParty in the Y.I.K.E.S.!
  30. rihanna
    Check Out Rihanna’s New TattooFollow the falcon.
  31. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: John Lithgow’s R-rated Charade for The DictatorPlus: Barry Sonnenfeld brought out the crazy, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  32. kelsey grammer
    See a Picture of Kelsey Grammer Getting a Tattoo of His New Wife’s Name on His HipNo, Frasier. Just … no.
  33. david lynch
    See David Lynch Give Someone a TattooOkay, so he stenciled it, but the story still applies.
  34. betty white
    See a Tasteless, Tacky Betty White TattooReally? That’s what you wanted permanently etched into your skin? Zombie Bea Arthur?
  35. This Jon Glaser Interview Is Physically Painful But Not for the Reason You […] It begins as just another interview with Jon Glaser of Delocated, who drinks some beers with paper wings and talks about the benefits of […]
  36. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Brad Pitt on How the Oscars Should Be JudgedPlus: David Letterman blasted and bribed Brad Pitt to come on his show, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  37. rihanna
    See Rihanna Show Off Her New InkWWTS: What Would Tupac Say?
  38. tattoos
    Justin Bieber Got Another Jesus TattooOn his calf.
  39. drake
    Watch Drake Quietly Get Worked Up About That Infamous Forehead TattooBREAKING NEWS: Drake gets angry.
  40. drake
    Check Out the Lady Who Got Drake’s Name Tattooed Across Her ForeheadWe like Drake. We also like gum, but we didn’t get “GUM” tattooed across our forehead.
  41. bea arthur
    Behold an Epic Bea Arthur TattooThank you for being both a friend and a solid inspiration for body art.
  42. clickables
    See a ‘Zombie Lady Gaga’ TattooHow ro-ma-ma-ro-ma-ma-ntic!
  43. regrets
    Band of Horses Drummer Has a Tattoo of Will Smith Eating Rap SnacksOf course he does.
  44. reality tv
    Tattoo Purists Are Appalled by TLC’s Tattoo SchoolA two-week course in tattooing? Good thing tattoos aren’t permanent or anything.
  45. clickables
    Meet the Woman Who Got a Facebook-Friend Tattoo Sleeve152 faces, on one arm.
  46. clickables
    Meet the Man With 82 Tattoos of Julia Roberts’s FaceHis favorite movie is ‘Erin Brokovich.’
  47. talk
    Will Gucci Mane Regret His New Tattoo?What if he stops liking ice cream?
  48. clickables
    See the World’s Most Detailed Twilight Back TattooAs advertised.
  49. movies
    Viral Video of the Day: Tattoo Parlor Makes Short Film About Worst Customer EverThe tattooing process is apparently painful for this woman.
  50. movies
    Man Covers Entire Back in Avatar TattoosIf you love something, set it into your skin.
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