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Taylor Hanson

  1. cracking the voice
    How Young Singers Deal With Getting OldFrom Justin Bieber to Taylor Hanson.
  2. right-click
    Hanson Has a Fever, and the Only Cure Is More CowbellNew Hanson!
  3. chat room
    Tinted Windows’ Taylor Hanson on the One Collaboration Stranger Than Tinted Windows“It’s actually a song inspired by seeing Brian Wilson once when Weird Al and I got together with our kids and saw him wandering in a park.”
  4. supergroups
    Tinted Windows: Generic Power Pop or Amazing Supergroup?You make the call!
  5. right-click
    Things That Make You Go Hmmm: Taylor Hanson–Led Supergroup Tinted WindowsPonder their existence to this song.
  6. the industry
    Paul Rudd, Reese Witherspoon, and Owen Wilson Form Three Points of a Love TrianglePlus: James Iha and one of the dudes from Hanson join a reverse supergroup.