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Tca Press Tour 2010

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    Reno 911! Guys Headed to SpaceThey’ll produce a pilot for ‘U.S.S. Alabama,’ a comedy that “takes place in space with a crew of space-farers that are about as smart as the ‘Reno!’ cops.”
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    Sherri Shepherd to Maybe Host The Newlywed GameShe’s in deep conversations with GSN about taking over as host of the ‘Newlywed Game.’
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    Glee Creator Declares War on His Own Show’s OmnipresenceMurphy: “I think people are sick of me, I really do.”
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    TCA: The Event and Undercovers Will Keep it SimpleLaura Innes: “We don’t want to end up on a show that drives people crazy.”
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    Update: Will Conan Do the Emmys?Jeff Gaspin says he has “no issues” with Conan appearing on the Emmys on NBC. “As long as he’s not hosting.”
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    30 Rock to Do a Live EpisodeThey’ll perform separate versions for viewers on both coasts.
  7. The Big C, Sort of Like Sex and the City Without the ClothesAccording to Jenny Bicks, ‘SATC’ and ‘Big C’ showrunner.
  8. William Shatner Not a Fan of Bleeping“The word ‘shit’ is all around us,” he says.
  9. Sharon Osbourne Front-Runner to Be Next HasselbeckAs they’re the two women with right-wing views on CBS’s ‘The View’–like ‘The Talk.’
  10. CBS, Now With More Gay CharactersOn ‘The Good Wife,’ ‘Rules of Engagement,’ and ‘Feces My Dad Said.’
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    Vulture Is at the TV Press TourEvery day, a new network to dissect — and Vulture is there.