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  1. bill cosby
    TCA Votes to Rescind Bill Cosby’s Career Achievement AwardIt’s the first time the TCA has ever rescinded an award.
  2. tca
    TCA Awards Honor The Americans, Killing Eve, Queer EyeThe critics gave the beloved FX drama a final salute, and a tip of the hat to the newcomers.
  3. Netflix Would Make Another Season of Master of None ‘Whenever Aziz Is Ready’The streaming giant offered its first public support of Ansari after he was accused of sexual misconduct.
  4. Amazon Sets Premiere Date for The RomanoffsSearching for descendants of the Russian royal family.
  5. tca 2018
    Bobby Brown Claims He Never Abused Whitney Houston, 911 Call Doesn’t Exist“The public record is wrong.”
  6. tca 2018
    Why Roseanne Is a Trump Supporter on Roseanne“Half the people voted for Trump and half didn’t. It’s just realistic.”
  7. Why Atlanta Season Two Is Called Robbin’ SeasonAnd how Tiny Toons Summer Vacation inspired it.
  8. tca 2018
    Ryan Murphy Recast Tatiana Maslany in Pose Because She Was Too Young“We needed our Debbie Allen character.”
  9. tca 2017
    John Landgraf Has Another Peak TV Update: It’s Become ‘Unmanageable’The latest from the Peak TV seer.
  10. tca 2017
    7 Things We Learned at Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s TCA PanelGreg returning is “not at all off the table.”
  11. Larry David Explains Why Curb Your Enthusiasm Is Back“I got tired of people asking me, ‘Is the show coming back?’ I couldn’t face that question anymore.”
  12. tca 2016
    TCA Panel Addresses Their Biggest Frustrations About Diversity on TV“The elephant in the room is always the dark skin.”
  13. tca 2016
    7 Things We Learned at HBO’s Westworld TCA PanelHow did a 43-year-old sci-fi movie starring Yul Brynner get retooled as an HBO series?
  14. tca 2016
    HBO’s Limited Series The Night Of Might Get a Second SeasonNot so limited after all, eh?
  15. tca 2016
    True Detective Season 3 May Happen After AllPossibly with someone other than Nic Pizzolatto in charge of writing it.
  16. tca 2016
    Black Mirror Season 3 Won’t Be a ‘Bleakfest’But creator Charlie Brooker hopes it will maintain the “unpleasantness the show seems to have become known for.”
  17. tca 2016
    6 Things We Learned at Netflix’s The Get Down TCA PanelThe idea to explore this cultural and musical period occurred to Baz Luhrmann when he was sitting in a Paris restaurant ten years ago.
  18. tca 2016
    7 Things We Learned at the Gilmore Girls TCA PanelYou can binge-watch it, but creator Amy Sherman-Palladino isn’t happy about it.
  19. the industry
    Homeland Is Coming to New York for Season SixPlus, here’s a very cryptic Quinn update.
  20. ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Premieres on Netflix March 6thAt TCA today, Netflix chief Ted Sarandos announced that Tina Fey’s new comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt starring Ellie Kemper is set to […]
  21. tca
    HBO’s Busy TCA Panel: Dustin Hoffman, Ricky Gervais, Lena Dunham, and MorePlus notes on Girls, Veep, Game Change, and more.
  22. tv
    Don’t Worry, There Won’t Be a Desperate Housewives MovieSex and the City hadn’t “plumbed the depth” of its characters, Cherry says, unlike Housewives.
  23. lineups
    ABC Announces Premiere Dates for New Series, But Not Cougar TownAnd there’s still hope for Pan Am.
  24. AMC Shields The Killing From Angry Critics at TCAThe network canceled a panel devoted to the show.
  25. tca
    Lea Michele, Chris Colfer Won’t Be Getting Glee Spinoff, Will Return Next SeasonEven though they’re graduating McKinley, they’ll be back.
  26. tca
    NBC’s Bob Greenblatt on Community and the Network’s ‘Really Bad Fall’“We have a long road ahead of us. So bear with us.”
  27. staying put
    Alec Baldwin Will Be Back for the Next Season of 30 RockHe already signed the deal.
  28. lists
    Seven Things We Learned About The X Factor From Its TCA PanelPlus an update on J. Lo’s ‘Idol’ negotiations.
  29. tca
    Fox Chief Says Everything Is Going Smoothly on the Set of Glee“There are many shows that have fighting … [but] that’s not been the case with this show.”
  30. need to know
    Vulture Asks Claire Danes Some Burning Questions About My So-Called LifeWho cares that it was fifteen years ago? Is it Jordan or Brian?
  31. tca
    CW Orders Extra Episodes of Gossip Girl, Other Series for New SeasonAnd the network is now open to comedies.
  32. aplusk
    Ashton Kutcher Will Be Playing an Internet Billionaire on Two and a Half MenAnd he’ll have a broken heart.
  33. tca
    Lorne Michaels Says 30 Rock Will Continue Beyond Next Season, With or Without Alec Baldwin“I can’t imagine doing the show without Alec, but I couldn’t imagine doing [’Saturday Night Live’] without Chevy.”
  34. tv
    Rosie O’Donnell and Jerry Lewis Talk Razor Blades, Has-Beens at TCA“The Schick Intuition Razor is the best thing that’s happened to women since the Tampax multi-pack.”
  35. tca
    Don’t Worry for Fringe, and Other Notes From Fox’s TCA Session“I beg you not to write [its] eulogy prematurely”
  36. entourage
    Next Summer Will Be Entourage’s LastIt’s probably time.
  37. tca
    Reno 911! Guys Headed to SpaceThey’ll produce a pilot for ‘U.S.S. Alabama,’ a comedy that “takes place in space with a crew of space-farers that are about as smart as the ‘Reno!’ cops.”
  38. tca
    Paul McCartney Reveals His Inner Gleek, Sends Ryan Murphy A MixtapeThe show will use Beatles music this season.
  39. exclusive
    Sherri Shepherd to Maybe Host The Newlywed GameShe’s in deep conversations with GSN about taking over as host of the ‘Newlywed Game.’
  40. tca
    Glee Creator Declares War on His Own Show’s OmnipresenceMurphy: “I think people are sick of me, I really do.”
  41. the industry
    Jury Still Out on Next Season’s American Idol JudgesBut we’ve learned that the candidates are not being focus-grouped or auditioned together.
  42. works in progress
    Arrested Development Movie Has Half of a Script! “We will make this movie,” says Mitch Hurwitz, the show’s creator.
  43. tca
    Law & Order Really, Really Dead“It’s moved into the history books.”
  44. tca
    Terrence Howard to Law & Order: L.A., Drew Carey to CommunityWell, that’s random.
  45. tca
    TCA: The Event and Undercovers Will Keep it SimpleLaura Innes: “We don’t want to end up on a show that drives people crazy.”
  46. tca
    Update: Will Conan Do the Emmys?Jeff Gaspin says he has “no issues” with Conan appearing on the Emmys on NBC. “As long as he’s not hosting.”
  47. tca
    30 Rock to Do a Live EpisodeThey’ll perform separate versions for viewers on both coasts.
  48. Sharon Osbourne Front-Runner to Be Next HasselbeckAs they’re the two women with right-wing views on CBS’s ‘The View’–like ‘The Talk.’
  49. CBS, Now With More Gay CharactersOn ‘The Good Wife,’ ‘Rules of Engagement,’ and ‘Feces My Dad Said.’
  50. tube junkie
    Let the Bridges Diablo Cody Burns Lead the Way!Plus: Guess who’s getting their own variety show? Nope, not Rosie O’Donnell!