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  1. tea!
    Which Tea With The Dames Dame Are You?Are you petty like Maggie Smith or an HBIC like Judi Dench?
  2. sips tea
    Drake Sips — Not Spills — the Tea in His ‘Nonstop’ VideoWhen in London!
  3. tea
    Here Are 36 Perfect Seconds of Liam Gallagher Talking About Tea“The little geezer doing the kettle.”
  4. The 8 Most British Things About DunkirkIt’s a high-stakes drama about proper queue etiquette.
  5. tea
    All of Jay-Z’s 4:44 Lines That Directly Address Beyoncé’s LemonadeHov name-drops Becky.
  6. tea
    Ryan Murphy Remembers a Homophobic Meeting With a WB Executive“I literally was stunned into silence and he was being really, really brutal to me.”
  7. side projects
    Billy Corgan Is Opening a Tea ShopThe world is a saucer.
  8. alan rickman
    Watch ‘Epic Tea Time With Alan Rickman’We haven’t the foggiest, but drink up!
  9. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: I Can’t Disco When I’m PaintingYou probably didn’t notice, but last night’s episode had a lot of references to tea.
  10. countdown
    Predicting ‘The Wire’: A Talmudic Reading of HBO’s Full-Page Ad“Read between the lines,” the ad urges us. And so we will!