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  1. acting
    Gaze Upon Olivia Colman’s Single, Perfect Tear on The CrownNot only did she summon Elizabeth’s glorious tear without any makeup or SFX cheats, she timed it perfectly on multiple takes.
  2. tears
    Angelica Ross on Heartbreaking Pose Episode: ‘Why Me?’“I heard the information and was devastated.”
  3. cute kids cooking
    The Faces of MasterChef Junior Season 2Welcome back, best show.
  4. tears
    The Saddest Faces of Liv Tyler, Who Is Always SadCheer up, Liv. It’s just the Rapture.
  5. tears
    Common Remembers the Day He Met Maya AngelouIt’s very sweet.
  6. sad things
    Watch a Fast & Furious Tribute to Paul WalkerWarning: sad times ahead.
  7. exterminate!
    Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill on Saying Good-bye to Doctor WhoWhat did they steal from the TARDIS?
  8. clickables
    Watch Lady Gaga Weep for Joy on So You Think You Can DanceShe also threw her shoe.
  9. science
    Science Identifies the Saddest Movie Scene of All TimeGuaranteed tears.
  10. tears
    Jeff Zucker Is Sad“Yesterday was the latest breakdown. Last week, he actually closed his office door and cried.”
  11. sob story
    Just How Much Will Toy Story 3 Make You Cry?We rank the reviews on a scale from zero to four teardrops.