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  1. scams
    20/20 to Air Its Own Special About the Elizabeth Holmes Theranos DebacleThe ABC News podcast The Dropout, also about Holmes, premiered in January.
  2. tech
    Bandersnatch Delayed Black Mirror Season 5, or Did You Choose the Wrong Ending?This would never happen at Tuckersoft.
  3. tech
    Netflix Had to Create Ridiculously Complex Software for BandersnatchStefan would’ve gone crazy.
  4. obits
    Colin Kroll, HQ Trivia and Vine Co-Founder, Dead at 34From a suspected drug overdose.
  5. where's the beef?
    It’s Pusha T Vs. ‘Corny Ass Tech Dude’ Thanks to This Anti-Drake SignThe rapper insists he had nothing to do with it.
  6. odd coincidences
    Isn’t It Weird the Logo in The Circle Looks Just Like Uber’s?Even weirder: The movie’s version seemingly came first.
  7. movies
    Which Technologies in Back to the Future II Are Closest to Reality?“Flying vehicles are exponentially more complicated.”
  8. spec scripts
    The Founder of Firefox Wrote an Unofficial Silicon Valley EpisodeHe is threatening to write an entire season … before season three comes back.
  9. the streaming wars
    Amazon Prime Launches Offline Viewing for MobilePrime subscribers can now pop TV shows and movies onto their phones and tablets gratis.
  10. Bill Hader Opened Apple’s WWDC with an App-Themed Musical SketchApple’s World Wide Developer’s conference kicked off earlier today, and the event opened with the above sketch starring Bill Hader as the […]
  11. future of movies
    How to Set Up the Ultimate Home TheaterThe super-duper way and the cheap way.
  12. tech
    Why Would Google Amazon Want to Buy Twitch?And what would they be getting for that $1 billion?
  13. go viral!
    Get the Free Vulture Clickables App Today!Gizmodo says, “It’ll totally make you feel like you’re in the know.”
  14. vulture bytes
    Vulture Bytes: Ménage à Trois Headphones and Augmented RealityMiddle-school nostalgia by way of splitter headphones and 100-disc CD changers.
  15. tech
    Soon You Might Be Able to Smell Your Favorite TV Shows and MoviesMaybe now someone will realize we don’t necessarily want to smell what we watch.
  16. vulture bytes
    Vulture Bytes: Video Apps for Psychedelic NostalgiaA psychedelic videocam, a Broadway tracker, a nostalgic video generator, a lyrical Rock Band, and mature ringtones.
  17. vulture bytes
    Vulture Bytes: Karaoke and JackasseryA trove of free audiobooks, a karaoke-anywhere app, an artistic statement for your phone, Johnny Knoxville on the iPad, and more.
  18. tech
    YouTube Launches Creative Commons Library, LicensesNow some of that clipping and remixing will be legal!
  19. vulture bytes
    Vulture Bytes: A Black Market Steve Jobs–in-Carbonite iPod Case, and How to Make Your MP3s Feel Like LPsGeorge Lucas meets Steve Jobs: Oh, the crossed geekstreams!
  20. vulture bytes
    Vulture Bytes: How to Bring Bad 3-D Back to 2-DSpecial glasses that get rid of all that 3-D retrofitting, as well s the online video service you’ll want to ditch Netflix for.
  21. vulture bytes
    Vulture Bytes: The Skeuomorph EditionA vocab lesson in the form of a cassette, a randomized movie clip app, and more.
  22. vulture bytes
    Vulture Bytes: Egypt Updates, Shazam-ing TV Shows, and Muppet iPad CasesPlus: a piece of plastic to make your life more cluttered, a table that plays music, and more.
  23. partnerships
    Will.I.Am Now Director of Creative Innovation for IntelAnd “creative innovation” is not a euphemism for “club tracks.”
  24. vulture bytes
    Vulture Bytes: App Camera Tricks, Speakers, and Ways to Hold Your Gadgets for Big Bucks and SmallWho needs unobtainable CES gear when you can go to Ikea instead?
  25. to the future!
    Home 3-D, Cable-Free TVs, and Magical Ovens: Vulture Tours the 2011 Consumer Electronics ShowVegas is now the home of every iPad wannabe known to man.
  26. vulture bytes
    Vulture Bytes: Five Tech Treats for Your Black Friday ShoppingAn easier way to beam Hulu back to your TV, a worldwide-radio app, and rock-bottom Kanye.